Tongues in Trees
Studies in Literature and Ecology

By Kim Taplin

Tongues in Trees
Paperback, 224 pages £4.95
Published: 1st July 1989
ISBN: 9781870098229
Format: 216mm x 138mm


'Tongues in trees' by Kim Taplin celebrates the woods, trees and meadows in a collection of stunning poems, prose and essays. Taplin believes that reverence for nature is vital to healthy spirituality and imagination. The continuing destruction of our forests is a sign of the short-sighted greed that is despoiling our world. Throughout the book Taplin considers how writers such as Keats, Ruskin, Hardy, J.R.R. Tolkien and Frances Horovitz celebrated the Greenwood and responded to its erosion.

This eloquent study of trees in the English literary imagination will inspire all those who are concerned about out environment.

'Poetry affirms the underlying unity between the natural and spiritual worlds. That is why all true poets are poets of the Greenwood.'

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN: 9781870098229
Format: 216mm x 138mm
16 line drawings

BISAC Code:  LCO000000, LIT000000, NAT026000, SCI020000
Imprint: Green Books

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