Thomas Fatheuer

Thomas Fatheuer is a social scientist and lived in Brazil from 1992 to 2010, most recently as head of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s office in Rio de Janeiro. Prior to that he worked on forest conservation projects in the Amazon region for the German Development Service (DED) and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). Currently, he is living and working as an author and consultant in Berlin. He is the author of numerous publications on the Brazilian development model, the conservation of tropical forests and the concept of Buen Vivir.

Inside The Green Economy

This book puts the Green Economy to the test, its promises, consequences and blind spots.

- Can efficiency be a solution if it results in more consumption?

- Can we save nature by putting a price on the services it provides?

- Should we rely on technological solutions to save us?


Paperback    £11.99

Published: July 2016 | Oekom