We Made a Wildflower Meadow

Charmingly told, this is the story of how Yvette designed and planted a meadow and watched in wonder as it developed. It encourages us all to create similar wildlife habitats.

Charmingly told, this is the story of how Yvette designed and planted a meadow and watched in wonder as it developed. It encourages us all to create similar wildlife habitats to protect the native flora and fauna. The book includes lists of species of flowers, trees, birds and butterflies as well as tips on meadow crafts and record-keeping.

Here is the charming story of a meadow, how it was designed and planted and how Yvette and Mike watched in wonder as it developed, inspiring you to create a habitat in your own garden.


Paperback    £12.99

Published: September 2019 | Green Books

The Weeder's Digest

This book is a practical and attractive guide to the many edible varieties of weed. It will appeal to gardeners, botanists, cooks and foragers, and to anyone who wants to control weeds in eco-friendly ways. With this book you can put your troublesome weeds to good use, and welcome some plentiful edibles into your kitchen.

Paperback    £6.00

Published: June 2012 | Green Books

Wild Law

Wild Law fuses politics, legal theory, quantum physics and ancient wisdom into a fascinating story. It has been seminal in informing and inspiring the global movement to recognise rights for Nature.

Paperback    £19.99

Published: May 2011 | Green Books

Where Earwigs Dare

A collection of Mattås latest poems, horticultural, whimsical, ecological, political and just plain funny.

Paperback    £9.95

Published: September 2010 | Green Books

Wind Energy Basics

Wind power can realistically not only replace the lionås share of oil-, coal-, and natural gasÑ fired electrical plants in the UK but also can add enough extra power capacity to allow for most of the cars in the nation to run on electricity.

Paperback    £24.95

Published: November 2009 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Wise Words for the Good Life

By grouping the wisdom of the ages into categories that are quirky yet eminently sensible, Helen Nearing brings to life the contemporary relevance of some of the most profound chroniclers of our rural heritage.

Paperback    £11.95

Published: September 2009 | Chelsea Green Publishing

The War on Bugs

Reveals how advertisers, editors, scientists, large scale farmers, government agencies, and even Dr. Seuss, colluded to convince farmers to use deadly chemicals, hormones, and GMOs in an effort to pad their wallets and control the American farm enterprise.

Hardback    £27.50

Published: January 2008 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Working with the Curlew

Working with the Curlew is an intimate and evocative account of an era before factory farming, when farmers worked closely with nature and the rhythm of the seasons, a smallholding could sustain a family, and there were enough small farms for a shepherd to climb the ladder to ownership.

Paperback    £7.95

Published: October 2003 | Green Books

Wild Flowers

This full-colour guide is designed to make wildflower identification as easy as possible for the walker or rambler. The flowers are categorised in eight sections, according to the one or more habitats in which they are found.

Paperback    £7.95

Published: April 2003 | Green Books

Where Division Ends

In his book of essays, Maurice Ash unpicks the fallacy of fragmented and compartmentalized knowledge. Although each essay stands alone, the underlying theme is to unequivocally expose the inherent falsehood of Cartesian dualism.

Paperback    £7.95

Published: October 2001 | Green Books

William Morris and News from Nowhere

A re-evaluation of William Morrisås ideas on such diverse subjects as love, work, revolution, architecture, economics and ecology.

Paperback    £9.95

Published: June 1990 | Green Books