This series of drawings by long-standing Resurgence artist Truda Lane evokes the magic of natural landscapes and of our inner worlds. 

Paperback    £10.00

Published: November 2010 | Resurgence Books

Landscape into Literature

Whatever a writer's subject, landscape usually figures in the process or the product. Childhood environments, the natural world, place and memory all are part of the rich compost of prose and poetry. In this anthology, writers from many genres consider how this interaction between landscape and literature works.

Paperback    £10.00

Published: June 2005 | Green Books

Loving and Leaving The Good Life

Helen Nearing's testimonial to the life she and her husband Scott spent together, and to what they stood for: self-sufficiency, generosity, social justice, and peace.

Paperback    £19.95

Published: January 1992 | Chelsea Green Publishing