Inspired by a Deutsches Museum’s exhibition "energie.wenden" this book features prominent scientists discussing challenges and opportunities of the transition from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy.

Hardback    £19.95

Published: March 2018 | Oekom

A Gentle Guide to Pregnancy Loss

With the help of this sensitive and supportive guide, you will learn how to both cherish the memory of the past and move on into the future.

Growing Self-Sufficiency

Growing Self-Sufficiency is a practical and inspirational guide to the everyday steps everyone can take to experience the satisfaction and fulfilment of providing for yourself.

Paperback    £17.99

Published: September 2017 | Green Books

Community Energy

A comprehensive book that provides information and guidance for anyone interested in setting up and running a community energy project.

Paperback    £19.99

Published: September 2017 | Green Books

The Natural Baby

The Natural Baby is a one-of-a-kind fully comprehensive guide to natural parenting, taking the reader on a week-by-week journey that starts from preconception, continues through a healthy holistic pregnancy right up to the first year with your child

The Breakdown of Nations

Rather than making ever larger political unions, in the mistaken belief that this will bring peace and security, we should minimise the aggregation of power by returning to a patchwork of small, relatively powerless states, where leaders are accessible to and responsive to the people.

Paperback    £12.99

Published: October 2020 | Green Books

Edible Mushrooms

This most comprehensive guide to foraging for wild mushrooms describes the best tasting fungi, where to find them and how to detect poisonous lookalikes.


Paperback    £24.99

Published: October 2016 | Green Books

How to Grow Your Own Nuts

This is the most comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting and processing nuts. Nut trees are perennials, requiring little maintenance or soil cultivation, so it is no surprise that nuts are the ideal forest garden crop.

Paperback    £19.99

Published: September 2021 | Green Books

Hardback    £24.99

Published: October 2016 | Green Books

An Orchard Odyssey

This gloriously illustrated book is a great resource for fruit-lovers everywhere. Packed with inspirational ideas and practical advice, it shows how orchard living can be incorporated into every lifestyle.

Hardback    £24.99

Published: September 2016 | Green Books

The Apocalypedia

The Apocalypedia is a countercultural A-Z that pokes fun at modern society, through a friendly but deeply revolutionary collection of flash-essays and comic vignettes.

Hardback    £14.99

Published: September 2016 | Green Books

Spiritual Compass

Draws on the Indian Ayurvedic tradition which characterises the mind as having three gunas, or primary qualities: sattva (characterised by calmness, clarity and purity), rajas (energy and passion), and tamas (dullness and ignorance).

Paperback    £8.95

Published: September 2016 | Green Books

Inside The Green Economy

This book puts the Green Economy to the test, its promises, consequences and blind spots.

- Can efficiency be a solution if it results in more consumption?

- Can we save nature by putting a price on the services it provides?

- Should we rely on technological solutions to save us?


Paperback    £11.99

Published: July 2016 | Oekom

Contributions Towards a Sustainable World

Parks are key to the protection of nature and the to the conservation of cultural landscapes, but increasingly, they promote sustainable development.

Paperback    £21.99

Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Paperback    £21.99

Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Future of Food

Sustainable Food Case studies from around the world

Paperback    £21.99

Published: April 2016 | Oekom

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Published: November 2013 | Oekom