No Man's Land
An Investigative Journey Through Kenya and Tanzania

By George Monbiot

No Man's Land
Paperback, 256 pages £12.95
Published: 22nd May 2003
ISBN: 9781903998267
Format: 203mm x 133mm


This book tells the story of George Monbiot’s journeys among some of the tribal peoples of East Africa, showing how they are confronting the forces which threaten to deprive both them and us of the life that civilization has tried to suppress. In northern Kenya he saw how bandits, equipped by the corrupt governments of both Kenya itself and some of its neighbours, have been massacring the nomads, driving the survivors into famine zones where first the cattle then the humans die. Further south he watched the open savannahs on which the nomads rely being divided up and reduced by ploughing. But he also saw that the nomads of East Africa are finding ways to survive. All nomads are opportunists, and the adaptability, the cultural flexibility that opportunism demands means that they are possibly better equipped than any other of the world’s traditional peoples to withstand dramatic change.

George Monbiot has already done more to change the world and our perception of it than most of us can hope to achieve in a lifetime . . . Now he has exposed what is going on in Kenya and Tanzania, where the nomadic people are being driven off their land and systematically murdered . . . As we have learnt to expect, he pulls no punches, naming names and pointing an unerring finger at the sinners and their blatant corruption. Yet he writes with such charm and erudition that no one could mistake this for the ravings of a fanatic . . . We need people like Monbiot more than ever before - Robin Hanbury Tenison, New Scientist

Monbiot brings to East Africa the same combination of scholarship, foolhardy courage and passionate commitment which characterized his previous books on Indonesia and Brazil. In these respects—more than any other travel writer I can think of—he embodies all the great virtues of the Victorian explorers . . . required reading for anyone who wishes to understand better the problems of modern Africa - Daily Mail

George Monbiot

George Monbiot is the author of The Age of Consent: a manifesto for a new world order and Captive State: the corporate takeover of Britain. His other books include Poisoned Arrows and Amazon Watershed. He is a columnist for The Guardian and Visiting Professor of Planning at Oxford Brookes University. He has held visiting professorships or fellowships at the universities of Oxford (environmental policy), Bristol (philosophy), Keele (politics) and East London (environmental science).

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Binding: Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781903998267
Format: 203mm x 133mm
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