Local Money
How to Make it Happen in Your Community

By Peter North

Local Money

In past recessions and depressions across the world, communities have reclaimed the power that the bankers hold by creating their own forms of money and Local Money shows how this is possible. This book is an inspiring guide that helps you understand what money is and how you can create money that stays in the community, building loyalty between consumers and local traders rather than losing wealth to corporate chain stores. It explains how alternative currencies can work with local banks and credit unions to strengthen the local economy, supporting the local production of necessities such as food and energy while helping to reduce the community's carbon emissions. The book draws on the long history of local currencies, from Local Exchange Trading Schemes and “time banks” to paper currencies such as BerkShares, Ithaca “Hours,” and German regional currencies, which circulate between local businesses as an alternative to their losing trade to the big-box retailers. The story culminates in the development of the first Transition currencies, the Totnes, Lewes, Stroud, and Brixton Pounds.

Foreword by Rob Hopkins        

Introduction     The vision         


Chapter 1            The money we have                     

Chapter 2            What is money – and can we change it?

Chapter 3            Localisation


Chapter 4            A brief history of alternative currencies

Chapter 5            Local Exchange Trading Schemes          

Chapter 6            Time banking   

Chapter 7            Ithaca and other ‘Hours’             

Chapter 8            Argentina’s barter networks                     

Chapter 9            German regional currencies                      

Chapter 10         BerkShares       


Chapter 11         The first Transition currency: the Totnes Pound by Noel Longhurst    

Chapter 12         Build the world anew: the Lewes Pound            

Chapter 13         The Stroud Pound Co-op: a local currency for the Five Valleys with Molly Scott Cato  

Chapter 14         Local money in a global city: the Brixton Pound             

Chapter 15         How to do it: starting and building a local currency      


Chapter 16         Towards a deeper ecosystem of currencies and local finance                  

Chapter 17         Some closing thoughts                 



"If you're ready to embark on the rather exciting journey of local money in your town, this is the most helpful book I've come across so far."

- Make Wealth History

"Transition groups and others interested in finding alternatives to big money and the big banks will find plenty to stimulate their efforts as they work to biuld a resilient economic future for their communities."

- Blackmore Vale Magazine

Peter North

Dr Peter North teaches Geography at Liverpool University. He first heard about alternative currencies while doing a Masters in Peace Studies in 1992, and has been exploring local money worldwide since then. He is one of the founder members of Transition South Liverpool.


Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN: 9781900322522
Format: 220mm x 220mm

BISAC Code:  BUS099000
Imprint: Transition Books

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