Visionaries of the 20th Century
A Resurgence Anthology

Edited by Satish Kumar and Freddie Whitefield

Visionaries of the 20th Century
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Published: 22nd September 2014
ISBN: 9780857842213

Series: Resurgence Anthologies

Visionaries of the 20th Century brings together the lives and works of 100 great men and women who offered inspiration, hope and healing. The 20th century was marked by wars, dictatorships and environmental destruction, yet many individuals kept alive the hope of a sane and sustainable future through their example, ideas and vision. Their influence helped to bring
colonialism and imperialism, apartheid and authoritarian regimes to an end. They also generated a resurgence of ecological, holistic and spiritual vision. Visionaries of the 20th Century includes articles about:
• World leaders: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela
and the Dalai Lama
• Spiritual figures: Krishnamurti, Bede Griffiths, Matthew Fox
and Thich Nhat Hanh
• Writers: Kahlil Gibran, Kathleen Raine, Wendell Berry
and Arundhati Roy
• Scientists: Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, and James Lovelock
• Politicians: Mikhail Gorbachev and Vaclav Havel
• Organic pioneers: Lady Eve Balfour and H. J. Massingham
• Educationalists: Ivan Illich and Rabindranath Tagore
• Economists: E. F. Schumacher and Muhammad Yunus
• Ecological activists: Vandana Shiva and Wangari Maathai.

Rachel Carson by John Burnside
James Lovelock by Fred Pearce
Arne Naess by Joanna Griffiths
Jonathon Porritt by Paul Vallely
Vandana Shiva by Satish Kumar
David Abram by Jim Cummings
Robert Hart by Hilary Armstrong
Donella Meadows by Jay Walljasper
Paul Shepard by Stephanie Mills
Terry Tempest Williams by Mark Tredinnick
Jacques Cousteau by Andrew Mueller
David Bohm by Ken Webster
Bill Mollison by himself
Lawrence D. Hills by Alan Gear
Julia Butterfly Hill by Stuart Franklin
Peter Kropotkin by Colin Ward
Wendell Berry by Jason Peters
Scott and Helen Nearing by Ianto Evans
Richard St Barbe Baker by A. C. Warne
Viktor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew
Albert Howard by Philip Conford
Ted Hughes by Keith Sagar
Peter Matthiessen by Mark Tredinnick
Caroline Lucas by Peter Lang
Petra Kelly by Frances Hutchinson
John & Nancy Todd by William Irwin Thompson
Mary Midgley by Kate Rawles
Aldo Leopold by Stephan Harding
Lady Eve Balfour by Michael Brander
Edward Goldsmith by Peter Bunyard
José Lutzenberger by Liz Hosken
Jane Goodall by Bob Lebensold
Masanobu Fukuoka by John Einarson
Karl-Henrik Robèrt by David Cook
Rupert Sheldrake by Chris Clarke
Thomas Berry by Edmund O’Sullivan
Lynn Margulis by Bob Lebensold
The Prince of Wales by David Lorimer
Wangari Maathai by Mia MacDonald

Mahatma Gandhi by Bhikhu Parekh
Martin Luther King by John Kirk
E.F. Schumacher by Ed Mayo and George McRobie
Anita Roddick by Kate Hartgroves
Aung San Suu Kyi by Christopher Titmuss
Bob Dylan by Paul Zeal
Frances Moore Lappé by Anna Lappé
R. D. Laing by Paul Zeal
Muhammad Yunus by Andrew Pring
Arundhati Roy by Swati Chopra
Ilya Prigogine by Fritjof Capra
Maude Barlow by Jerry Mander
Maurice Ash by Roger Berthoud
H. J. Massingham by John Seymour
Jerry Mander by Stephanie Mills
Buckminster Fuller by Yitzhaq Hayut-Man
Erich Fromm by Paul Zeal
Leopold Kohr by John Papworth
John Maynard Keynes by David Boyle
Carlo Petrini by John Irving
Sulak Sivaraksa taken from Seeds of Peace
Gregory Bateson by Noel Charlton
A. T. Ariyaratne by Richard Flyer
Riane Eisler by Bob Lebensold
Aruna Roy by Swati Chopra
Ivan Illich by Harry Eyres
Patrick Geddes by Jonathon Porritt
Mary Harris (‘Mother Jones’) by Anita Roddick
J. C. Kumarappa by A. Rangarajan
Theodore Roszak by Jonathan Coope
Vinoba Bhave by Satish Kumar
Albert Schweitzer by James Brabazon
Oscar Arias Sanchez by Fred Matser
Winona LaDuke by Jay Walljasper
Manfred Max-Neef by Nic Marks
Peter Brook by Robert Butler
D. H. Lawrence by Keith Sagar
Oren Lyons by Marjorie Hope and James Young
Frank Lloyd Wright by Harland Walshaw

The Dalai Lama by Pico Iyer
Jiddu Krishnamurti by Kathleen Raine
Deepak Chopra by Sheryl Leach
Kathleen Raine by Peter Abbs
Rabindranath Tagore by William Radice
Thich Nhat Hanh by Allan Hunt Badiner
Desmond Tutu by Diana Schumacher
Sri Anandamayi by Richard Lanoy
Peter Redgrove by John Moat
Thomas Moore by Maya Kumar Mitchell
Bede Griffiths by Shirley du Boulay
Chogyam Trungpa by John Moat
Thomas Merton by Liz Medler
Matthew Fox by Anita Roddick
Raimon Panikkar by Jordi Pigem
Starhawk by Diane Baker
Joseph Campbell by Robert Butler
Carl Gustav Jung by Meredith Sabini
G. K. Chesterton by Ben Jolliffe
Seyyed Hossein Nasr by Keith Critchlow and Emma Clark
Kahlil Gibran by Robin Waterfield
Joanna Macy by Anita Barrows

Notes on Contributors
Further Information on Visionaries

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is an internationally renowned speaker on ecological and spiritual issues. He lives in England and is Editor-in-chief at Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, co-founder of Schumacher College and founder of the Schumacher Society UK.

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