Spiritual Compass
The Three Qualities of Life

By Satish Kumar

Spiritual Compass
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PDF, 144 pages
Published: 5th November 2007
ISBN: 9781907448126
EPUB, 144 pages
Published: 5th November 2007
ISBN: 9781907448133

In our modern, materialistic world it is easy to separate spirituality from everyday life. But spirituality is not just for saints, neither is it confined to the Sunday Service, Friday prayers or holy books. It must be a part of our ordinary, everyday existence: it needs to be implicitly present in business, in politics, in farming, in cooking, and in our relationships.
To illustrate this, Satish Kumar draws on the Indian Ayurvedic tradition which characterises the mind as having three gunas, or primary qualities: sattva (characterised by calmness, clarity and purity), rajas (energy and passion), and tamas (dullness and ignorance). These qualities can be applied to our work and the environment: for example, there are sattvic foods, rajasic
foods and tamasic foods. The Ayurvedic aim is to live a life which is simple and close to nature (sattvic), to reduce rajasic tendencies, and to avoid tamasic. When we see ourselves in the light of the three gunas, they can orient us towards the direction in which we wish to go. They can help us to recover the art of living, and lead us towards a peaceful and contented existence.
Extending the meaning of spirtuality further, Satish explains that there is no dualism between spirit and matter—all matter is imbued with spirit, and spirit manifests through matter. This integrated world-view forms the core of his book.

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is an internationally renowned speaker on ecological and spiritual issues. He lives in England and is Editor-in-chief at Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, co-founder of Schumacher College and founder of the Schumacher Society UK.

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Binding: Electronic book text, 144 pages
ISBN: 9781907448126
Format: PDF

Binding: Electronic book text, 144 pages
ISBN: 9781907448133
Format: EPUB

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Imprint: Green Books

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