Selected drawings of Truda Lane

By (artist) Truda Lane

Paperback, 72 pages £10.00
Published: 11th November 2010
ISBN: 9781900322959


This series of drawings by long-standing Resurgence artist Truda Lane evokes the magic of natural landscapes and of our inner worlds. In her simple but highly tensile compositions there is an economy of wash and hints of colour that seem to spring naturally from the drawing itself. The subjects are simple, graphic, often severe, and intensely poetic. One can sense Truda’s fascination and conversancy with an inner world and its store of traditional reference and meaning. There are stories abroad; magic; spellbound moments frozen from folk tale, with all their ambivalence of light and dark.

Truda Lane

After a Convent School education, Truda Lane studied at Ealing College of Art & the Slade (where she was awarded prizes for figure & landscape drawing and a scholarship for extended study). Before teaching Art at Bury Grammar & the North London Collegiate School, Truda worked at the College of Arms in London.

In 1958 she married John Lane, a painter & writer, whom she had met at the Slade. The couple moved to Yorkshire and lived on and near the North Yorkshire moors; between 1960 and 1969 they had four sons. After 1965 Truda and John moved to a very different kind of countryside – the alley of the River Torridge at Beaford in North Devon which has never ceased to delight. But alongside all these moves and responsibilities Truda has continued to draw whenever and wherever possible.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 72 pages
ISBN: 9781900322959

BISAC Code:  ART016030
Imprint: Resurgence Books

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