Landscape into Literature

Whatever a writer's subject, landscape usually figures in the process or the product. Childhood environments, the natural world, place and memory all are part of the rich compost of prose and poetry. In this anthology, writers from many genres consider how this interaction between landscape and literature works.

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Published: June 2005 | Green Books

At Home on the Earth

Richard Jefferies (1848-87) has long been recognised as an interpreter of English country life and a natural observer with few if any equals. He was an idealist, who believed that human beings could free themselves from outworn ideas and achieve a greatly enlarged spiritual and physical capacity.

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Published: September 2001 | Green Books

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Published: January 1995 | Resurgence Books

William Morris and News from Nowhere

A re-evaluation of William Morrisås ideas on such diverse subjects as love, work, revolution, architecture, economics and ecology.

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Published: June 1990 | Green Books

New Renaissance

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Published: December 1986 | Green Books