Janet Cotterell

Adam Dadeby and Janet Cotterell are directors of Passivhaus Homes Ltd., which has recently completed one of the very few fully Certified Passivhaus retrofits in the UK – featured in their book The Passivhaus Handbook, due out in 2012. The retrofit is also exceptional in having achieved one of the best air-tightness results in the UK. More information on Passivhaus and on Adam and Janet can be found at www.passivhaushomes.co.uk.

Janet is a chartered architect with over 20 years’ experience. She is also a Certified Passivhaus Designer and holds an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies. Janet has a history of working in sensitive settings (conservation areas, listed buildings, historic parks) and therefore is familiar with the use of traditional and natural materials. In more recent years a growing appreciation of the importance of sustainable building practice (and a growing dissatisfaction with mainstream building practice and culture) has lead to a process of re-education and re-evaluation, culminating in a new focus on the implementation of low-energy design principles and in more collaborative teamworking.