Edible Mushrooms
A forager's guide to the wild fungi of Britain, Ireland and Europe

By (author) Geoff Dann

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This is the most comprehensive guide to foraging for wild mushrooms in UK and Northern Europe. With a special pictorial index, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced foragers. It describes the best tasting fungi, where to find them and when they are at their best; how to distinguish the edible species from the poisonous lookalikes; and when to leave an edible mushroom alone so the species can survive.

A fascinating, wise companion on the journey into the extraordinary and delicious world of fungi.  Come Autumn, it will accompany every foray I make into the woods, and my life, and my frying pan, will be vastly richer because of it. - Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement. 

 Bursting with quality photos and great information, achieving the “balance between caution and adventure that a forager needs”, this book is an absolute must for foragers. Put the book in your rucksack, head outside, and let it guide you on safe, fun, mind-, heart-, and stomach-expanding fungal adventures. -Fergus Drennan aka Fergus The Forager

 Written by a master of mycology who deeply loves fungus, its habitats and its quirks. -Tim Maddams, Chef, TV presenter, Cookery writer

 Geoff knows his stuff and puts it across in an easily accessible manner.  This will be coming on all my fungi forages! -Gary Johnston, Co-founder and Instructor at Jack Raven Bushcraft

 A must-have guide for anyone who likes to try edible fungi and wants to extend their knowledge. Everything you need to know in preparation for foraging proper with a high quality photographic index, which covers ‘botanical’ description, smell, taste, habitat, gill type, distribution and season and whether edible or not. The book covers safety and equipment, culture, science and ethics of foraging, the law and a code of conduct for mushroom collectors as well as methods of preserving, preparing and cooking fungi. - Penny Jones, Propagator, Westonbirt, The National Arboretum


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Geoff Dann is a foraging expert, often on radio and TV to give advice on fungi.  He teaches chefs, bushcrafters, food enthusiasts and amateur sleuths to hunt sensibly and sustainably for wonderful mushrooms.

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Gardeners interested in

  • food security
  • permaculture
  • localism
  • organic and forest gardening

Horticulture students, landscape designers and architects.

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A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to foraging for mushrooms.