The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting
How to raise your child, help save the planet and not go mad

By (author) Kate BlincoeForeword by Nikki Duffy

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Kate Blincoe is a freelance journalist and writer for publications including The Guardian and Eastern Daily Press and the RSPB who has been working in the environmental sector for over a decade. While working with the RSPB she became aware of how many children had very little experience with nature and the environment. Raising children with an understanding of and connection to the natural world is now just as important to Kate as reducing the carbon footprint of their early years.

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Nature needs children and children need nature. This book will help your family open your doors to the outside and become truly freerange animals. You’ll live a greener lifestyle and your children will learn to enjoy, appreciate and care for the world around them.

This beautiful book will inspire you to explore nature whether that’s:

  • foraging for dinner
  • learning party tricks with plants
  • or making eco-decisions around the home

It’s all about having fun together, however exhausted, time-pressured or stressed you are!

For parents of zero to ten year olds, this is a humorous and light-hearted look at all things green and nature inspired. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about giving it a try and feeling the benefits for your family.

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Showcased by the People's Book Prize.

Key Selling Points

Guides parents who want to be green, but don't know how to balance that in a busy modern life