Building with Straw Bales
A practical manual for self-builders and architects

By (author) Barbara Jones

Web Description

This book explains in straightforward terms the principles of straw-bale building for self-builders, architects and construction industry professionals.

Straw-bale buildings are cost-effective, easy to build and are highly energy efficient, enabling you to design and build beautiful, environmentally friendly buildings. Written with non-experts in mind, this practical book takes you through everything you need to know in an easy, accessible way:
● The benefits of building with straw bales
● Design principles
● Building with straw bales
● Finishes: lime and clay plasters
● Planning and permission
● Building regulations

This revised and expanded third edition brings the book up to date and includes lots of stunning full-colour photographs throughout to illustrate the design and build process.

Supporting materials for the third edition of Building with Straw Bales are available below:

Appendices 5, 6 and 7 are available online only and can be downloaded from this page.

The author is based in the UK and has written extended version of Chapters 18 and 19, planning permission and building regulations respectively, providing additional details for readers based in the UK. These chapters can be downloaded from this page.

Key Selling Points

An updated edition of  the definitive book on straw bale building, with photographs by one of its most notable practitioners, published as the straw bale building industry is seeing unprecedented growth.