Beyond Flying
Rethinking air travel in a globally connected world

By (author) Chris WatsonEdited by Chris WatsonWith Ed GillespieWith Nic SetonWith Rob HopkinsWith Chris BrazierWith Kevin AndersonWith Susan KrumdieckWith Lowanna DoyeWith John StewartWith Tom BennionWith Adam WeymouthWith Saci LloydWith Kate Andrews

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Chris Watson grew up in an airline family and is passionate about flying but began taking personal responsibility for his aviation impact on the environment after learning that the industry increased emissions since the 1990 Earth Summit and has no plan to decarbonise aviation.

He sees aviation as the defining issue in personal emissions management because it requires behaviour modification to achieve rapid decarbonisation (while most other activities can be achieved by efficient methods such as electric cars).

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If you're committed to cutting your flights, this book will show you that you're not alone. If you're a regular flyer, it will inspire and challenge you to see what you can do too.

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Cosseted by governments, subsidized by taxpayers, the aviation industry puts its own interested bove the preservation of a climate friendly to civilization. Beyond Flying invites us to re-imagine our own place in the modern world.

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How individuals and businesses can cut air travel without damaging their business and getting more from traveling.