Gaia's Feasts
New vegetarian recipes for family and community

By (author) Julia PonsonbyPhotographs by Joanna Brown

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  • Over 150 delicious vegetarian recipes from the author of Gaia's Kitchen (over 8,000 copies sold)
  • All recipes are given in both family-sized and larger quantities
  • Inspiring culinary ideas for celebrations throughout the year
  • Includes ideas for sourcing produce through your local community

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Priase for Gaia's Kitchen: "Food at Schumacher College is a world away from plastic food in a conference tray, or the fast food that most university students live on. It is 'family cookin' that, sadly, few families now manage. And it's healthy, hearty and delicious. The recipes come in two sizes - for home cooks and for caterers. I would recommend this book for anyone working in a school, a B&B or a pub, or running a community event - and of course for home cooks."

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Julia Ponsonby is author of the bestselling Gaia's Kitchen, which is based on the recipes she created for Schumacher College in Devon. As Head Chef at the College, Julia created hundreds of recipes for large numbers of course participants and she contiues to cook local and seasonal food for family, friends and students. In Gaia's Feasts she gives us more of her recipes from the Schumacher kitchen, as well as her thoughts on the importance of sustainable, local ways of preparing and cooking food.

Key Selling Points

Offers advice on preparing vegetarian food for large gatherings.