Solar Gardening

Includes instructions for building a variety of solar appliances plus descriptions of more than 90 different crops, with charts showing when to plant and harvest each. The result is a year-round harvest even from a small garden.

Paperback    £32.50

Published: January 2007 | Chelsea Green Publishing

The Spirit of Silence

For those who wish to look beyond the speed and superficiality of our modern lifestyle to find depth and spiritual space. It is devoted to clearing the clutter from our minds, and to feeding the creative heart and soul.

Paperback    £9.95

Published: April 2006 | Green Books

Secret Nature of Devon

Explores the extraordinary richness of Devon's wildlife habitats: Estuaries, Farmland, Fresh Water, Heathland, Limestone and Chalk, Lundy, Moorland, Sand Dunes, Sea Cliffs, Sea Shore, Woodland, Wood, Pasture and Parkland.

Paperback    £12.95

Published: April 2005 | Green Books

Strangely Like War

Lays bare the stark scenario we face unless deforestation is slowed and stopped¥a scenario which will affect not only people, but the non-human fabric of life itself. Strangely like War is a story of corruption and killing: the genocide of indigenous peoples and the systematic destruction of our ecosystem.

Paperback    £9.95

Published: April 2004 | Green Books

The Story of My Heart

ãNot an autobiography in the ordinary sense of the word, as it contains no history of the events of Richard Jefferieså life . . . but is an outpouring of Jefferieså innermost soul.à¥from the Preface by C. J. Longman

Paperback    £13.99

Published: October 2002 | Green Books

Sustainable Education

This Briefing shows how a systemic change of educational culture towards the realization of human potential and the interdependence of social, economic and ecological wellbeing— can lead to transformative learning.

Paperback    £5.00

Published: April 2001 | Green Books

A Snake's Tail Full of Ants

Challenging and illuminating, A Snakeås Tail Full of Ants looks forward to a time when creative expression is not lofty, professionalised and unapproachable but closely interwoven with the activities of daily life.

Paperback    £7.50

Published: October 1996 | Resurgence Books