The English Meadow
A Portrait of Country Life

By Yvette Verner

The English Meadow
Hardback, 156 pages £12.95
Published: 1st January 2005
ISBN: 9781903998670
Format: 230mm x 230mm


For Yvette Verner, there is nothing to compare with the unspoiled beauty of an ancient meadow on a hot summerís day. Here she shares her passion for English meadows with gentle humour and wonderful lyrical prose, drawing you into the spirit of these special places, and showing you what flora and fauna to look out for.
Through evocative descriptions of different types of meadow and the activities surrounding them, English Meadows gives a detailed picture of country ways of life going back to Medieval times, including: farming, buildings, tools, crafts, traditions, wildlife and a list of national meadow reserves.
Drawing on personal experience of managing her own meadow, the author discusses the importance of meadows to wildlife today, and the vital nature of the conservation work that is carried out in preserving them.

Meadows of the Past; Meadows Today; Farming Meadows; Meadow Wildlife; Meadow Nature Reserves; Creating a Meadow; Conservation Organisations

Yvette Verner

Yvette Verner and her husband have loved and cared for half an acre of meadow in East Sussex for many years. She donates half her royalties from this book to Plantlife International, the leading charity dedicated to the conservation of wild plants in their natural habitats.

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 156 pages
ISBN: 9781903998670
Format: 230mm x 230mm
over 200 colour photographs

BISAC Code:  NAT000000, SOC026020
Imprint: Green Books

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