How to Grow Native Orchids in Gardens Large and Small
the comprehensive guide to cultivating local species

By Wilson Wall and Dave Morgan

How to Grow Native Orchids in Gardens Large and Small
Hardback, 176 pages £19.99
Published: 5th September 2019
ISBN: 9780857844606
Format: 255mm x 205mm

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Published: 5th September 2019
ISBN: 9780857844613
Published: 5th September 2019
ISBN: 9780857844620
Published: 5th September 2019
ISBN: 9780857844644

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A unique illustrated book about growing native orchids giving a step by step guide to every planting situation.From this book, you will learn how to cherish these remarkable flowers and help them flourish in their natural habitat: • Which species of orchids will work in their garden and what companion plants to grow next to them • How to grow orchids from seed or in a container • How to start an orchid meadow or add orchids to an orchard & Preserving and promoting local ecosystems 


Part 1: Understanding orchids

  1. A love affair with orchids
  2. The structure and life cycle of native orchids
  3. Native orchids suitable for cultivation

Part 2: Cultivation

  1. Growing orchids in your garden: the basics
  2. Raising plants from seed
  3. Pests and diseases

Part 3: Orchid communities

  1. Creating a garden meadow
  2. An orchid orchard or garden glade
  3. Orchids in rockeries or damp ground
  4. Repopulating wild areas


An easy-to-read, practical guide to growing native orchids and a compelling call to action for British gardeners to help save our threatened species. 

- Mandy Bradshaw, gardening journalist and blogger

This excellent book has inspired me to establish some native orchids in my patch -  the authors make failure sound difficult. Highly accessible, encouraging, beautifully illustrated and eminently readable.

- Bunny Guinness, Gardener’s Question Time

A great guide that shows how, with a little preparation, beautiful native orchids can be grown by anyone, in a range of garden settings, helping to conserve species under threat in the wild.

- Ian and Teresa Moss, Rare Plant Fairs

Such delicate illustrations in this informative book. A must for orchid growers.

- Graeme Kay, BSBI county recorder

A beautifully produced book with charming illustrations and images of our native orchids. It is sure to encourage more gardeners to propagate these threatened plants

- Dr Nick Owens, author of "The Bees of Norfolk"

We don’t usually consider orchids as garden plants, but perhaps we should. With historical notes on orchid collection and decline, a discussion of orchid biology and neat descriptions of the species and their suitability for cultivation, this fascinating book makes the idea of filling the garden with unexpected and beautiful orchids seem eminently achievable.

- Naomi Slade, author of "The Plant Lover’s Guide to Snowdrops"

Every page a delight, easy to read and beautifully illustrated with photographs, paintings and drawings. Designed to be 'dipped into' for information and practical advice or just become enthralled with our exquisite native orchids.

- Margaret Howells, gardener and lecturer in Biology

Everything you need to know is here, presented in a very readable and interesting way. The many excellent illustrations, photographs and diagrams further enhance the quality of this volume.

- John Hawksford, author of "The Flora of Staffordshire" & BSBI recorder

Dave Morgan

Dave is an active member of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI). With a PhD in plant physiology, his previous articles are on his research in plant physiology and for the Orchid Review and The Clematis. His paintings are regularly exhibited.


Wilson Wall

Wilson runs Bewdley Orchids, a nursery specializing in native species. He has published extensively in the field of biological science, as a clinical cytogeneticist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. A Chartered Biologist, Wilson has a PhD in genetics and a long interest in growing orchids from seed.


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Binding: Hardback, 176 pages
ISBN: 9780857844606
Format: 255mm x 205mm

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ISBN: 9780857844613
Format: EPUB

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ISBN: 9780857844620
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Binding: Electronic book text
ISBN: 9780857844644
Format: Kindle

BISAC Code:  GAR004040, GAR004080, NAT011000
Imprint: Green Books

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