Growing Up the Wall
How to grow food in vertical places, on roofs and in small spaces

By Sue Fisher

Growing Up the Wall
Paperback, 176 pages £5.00
Published: 18th April 2013
ISBN: 9780857841094
Format: 180mm x 138mm


Grow up! If you have limited outdoor space and would like to grow your food, this practical illustrated guide will help you transform previously plant-free zones into thriving, beneficial and utterly beautiful food-growing areas.

Using special containers, either bought or home-made, as well as conventional methods such as containers on a roof or growing plants up walls, you can grow a wide range of edible crops – and grab a salad for lunch without getting your feet wet. This book includes:

•   Creating edible roof gardens

•   Planning and growing crops on green roofs, including on sheds

•   Using a wide variety of containers, e.g. ladder allotments and growing frames, with details of how to make them

•   Making the most of wall boxes and hanging baskets

•   A directory of plants suitable for vertical growing – fruit, flowers and herbs as well as vegetables – with advice on how to cultivate them.

Whether you have an apartment with just a wall, windowsill, balcony or small flat roof; a school with nothing but a tarmac playground; or just a paved courtyard in your community centre, this book will get you started on a new way of growing.

Sue Fisher began her career in commercial horticulture, training at the Hertfordshire College of Horticulture and going on to spend ten years in the nursery and garden centre industry. For much of this period she was a buyer for the Frosts group of garden centres and landscapers, winner of many top industry awards, which gave her a superb in-depth knowledge of the world of garden plants.

In 1990 Sue struck out on her own as a garden writer and designer. The BBC spotted Sue’s passion for her subject and commissioned her first book within a year, and her features in the press won her the coveted Garden Writers’ Guild trade press writer of the year. Her published work spans ten books of her own, contributions to a number of others with top gardeners including Alan Titchmarsh and Carol Klein, and a wealth of articles in newspapers and gardening magazines. Sue has broadcast on radio and TV and has lectured to many audiences, from garden clubs and societies to tour groups – the most challenging location being on board the QE2 in a Force 9 gale!

Sue’s designs have transformed numerous private gardens, with planting styles from contemporary to cottage garden. With memories of discovering her own love of gardening, she also advises schools on garden management and design.

Sue now lives in Devon, where she is currently transforming a half-acre plot above the Tamar Valley into a garden haven, using a contemporary approach to wildlife and sustainable gardening design.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN: 9780857841094
Format: 180mm x 138mm

BISAC Code:  GAR022000, GAR025000
Imprint: Green Books

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