Making the most of your Glorious Glut
Cooking, storing, freezing, drying and preserving your garden produce

By Jackie Sherman

Making the most of your Glorious Glut
Paperback, 256 pages £12.95
Published: 28th July 2011
ISBN: 9781900322966
Format: 234mm x 168mm


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Making the most of your Glorious Glut is the answer to the perennial problem of an over-abundance of wonderful fruit and vegetables. From courgettes to spinach; tomatoes to blackcurrants, most gardeners will recognise the sinking feeling that creeps over you when you have had such a good harvest that you cannot face picking, cooking or eating any more. And even if you haven’t grown them yourself, it is easy to end up with too many fruit or vegetables after just one visit to the local pick-your-own centre or a trip to a country hedgerow.

With the help of this book you will be able to make the most of any glut. It contains over 250 recipes for using fresh produce in new and exciting ways, and also explains how to pickle, preserve, dry, bottle or juice your surplus fruit and vegetables so they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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"A great guide to the basics of preserving your harvests."

- Steve Ott - Editor of Kitchen Garden Magazine

"This book has everything you need to transform a glut into glorious grub."

- Emma Cooper - author of The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z

"The recipes themselves are unfussy and easy-to-follow which makes them perfect for cooks of all abilities."

- Farm in My Pocket

"...a handy guide to all of the subtitle's techniques and also covers how to store home-grown produce outdoors in the garden and indoors in a garage or shed."

- Nottinghamshire Flavours

“Too many cookbooks – too little time, but this is one I shall be dipping into for a long time.”

- The Landsman - Oct/Nov

“A delightful book for any friend with an allotment or productive fruit and vegetable garden. As Jackie has answers to perennial problems of overabundance, it is the perfect book for those who are constantly faced with a glut.”

- The Oxford Times

"Like most other gardeners who have a fruit and vegetable plot, I sometimes wonder what on earth we are going to do with the surplus produce. Whilst we use as much as we can in the kitchen as it becomes available, this year has seen an unrivalled bounty from the garden due to the warm Spring. Most years we give away surplus to family and friends and freeze what we can, but there we usually run out of ideas. This is where the new book from Jackie Sherman, Making the most of your Glorious Glut comes in.

In her colourful new book Jackie not only takes us through a variety of methods to preserve our surplus, including simple storing, freezing, drying and bottling, but also provides us with a series of new and innovative recipes which are designed to make the most of our produce when it's at the peak of its freshness and flavour. In an attractive, well laid out paperback which uses straight forward language and is very easy to follow, we are taken step by step through a variety of preserving methods and cooking recipes which seeks to maximise the benefit from the fruits of our labours."

- Rosemary Martin

Jackie Sherman has written over 20 books and contributes articles to a variety of magazines. As a keen gardener and cook, she is delighted that the two can be brought together in her latest project.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781900322966
Format: 234mm x 168mm

BISAC Code:  GAR005000, GAR025000
Imprint: Green Books

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