A model for the future

By Leila Dregger

Paperback, 136 pages £18.95
Published: 20th January 2011
ISBN: 9783927266278
Format: 280mm x 210mm


The Peace Research Village Tamera in Portugal, with its international network, has been developed as a demonstrative, practical and convincing model for the future. This book provides an insight into the current state of the work of Tamera in permaculture and water landscaping, solar technology and peace education.

"I’ve been wanting to visit Tamera ever since I read about a visionary new form of solar energy they were developing ... Only someone who lives in a summer-dry climate can imagine my churning mixture of inspiration and sheer envy that filled me, walking the paths that meander between the beautiful series of lakes and ponds. ... So, if you’re having one those bad days when you can’t imagine how the world will pull out of this nosedive into the abyss, check out [Tamera's website] ..." (more here)

- Starhawk, internationally respected earth-based spriritual activist and permaculturalist (visited Tamera summer 2009)

"I recently visited a project that opened my eyes to how radically effective earth restoration projects can be. This was not a big UN or inter-governmental programme, but one run by a small ecovillage community ... What has been achieved in just three years is astonishing. ... My heart opens in the knowledge that we can restore the earth. This story must be a part of our new narrative." (more here...)

Maddy Harland, editor, Permaculture Magazine (visited Tamera early 2011)

Leila Dregger

Leila Dregger is a journalist, former editor of the magazine The Female Voice and author of the women’s book Ich bin noch nicht in Frieden (‘I’m still not at peace’). Since 2008 she has worked with Sepp Holzer to publish his future-oriented ideas on reducing desertification and his new way of agriculture and gardening: Holzer Permaculture.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 136 pages
ISBN: 9783927266278
Format: 280mm x 210mm

BISAC Code:  NAT011000
Imprint: Verlag Meiga

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