Beyond Flying
Rethinking air travel in a globally connected world

By Chris Watson Edited by Chris Watson With Chris Brazier and Rob Hopkins and Saci Lloyd and John Stewart and Kevin Anderson and Kate Andrews and Tom Bennion and Susan Krumdieck and Ed Gillespie and Adam Weymouth and Lowanna Doye and Nic Seton

Beyond Flying
Paperback, 208 pages £4.99
Published: 6th March 2014
ISBN: 9780857842091
Format: 198mm x 130mm


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Fourteen authors from around the world—including lawyers, journalists, scientists, and architects—share their travel stories about life and work “beyond flying,” offering an inspiring catalog of reasons to fly less, some great ways of switching to sustainable choices, and the delights of richer travel experiences. These are the stories of how these remarkable people found easy and better ways of living and working in a globalized world with less air travel. Beyond Flying is an argument for and case study of the action individuals and businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint by flying less.

Friends of the Earth: rethinking travel
Foreword by Peter McManners

Part 1 Thinking beyond flying
1. To fly or not to fly? Chris Brazier
2. Deciding never to fly again Rob Hopkins
3. Young people and climate change Saci Lloyd
4. Waking up to the downsides of flying John Stewart
5. Slow and low – the way to go: a systems view of travel emissions Kevin Anderson

Part 2 Business beyond flying
6. A green travel experiment Chris Watson
7. Trains versus planes: building a low-carbon travel agency Kate Andrews
8. Going cold turkey: a law practice without any flights Tom Bennion
9. The no-flying conference: Signs of Change Susan Krumdieck
10. Slowlier than thou: why flight-free travel is about better, not less Ed Gillespie

Part 2 Savouring the journey
11. The human engine: bicycling to Beijing Chris Smith
12. Walking distance: Europe on foot Adam Weymouth
13. bike2oz: the world going through you instead of around you Lowanna Doye
14. A small matter of distance: trying not to fly to climate talks Nic Seton
15. Travel on a hot planet: exploring the global tourist industry overland Anirvan Chatterjee and Barnali Ghosh

How to fly less

I would recommend this book to everyone to gain some insight as to how flying affects the Planet and how those less likely ever to fly are the ones who are going to feel – and are already feeling – the brunt of the result of our obsession with air travel.

Rating: Definitely five out of five.

- Michael Smith Green (Living) Review

Beyond Flying makes a persuasive case for everyone to minimise the number of flights they take, and gives invaluable practical advice and moral support.

If you are among those who are already making an effort to fly less, or stop flying altogether, this book will strengthen your resolve.

- Rose Bridger The Ecologist

Beyond Flying should contain enough reasoned logic and well-travelled romance to convince all but the most entrenched fliers to at least consider their ways. With pages upon pages of practical advice and moral support, the book also serves as a fine guidebook for those that do.

- Tom Revell Blue & Green Tomorrow

Chris Watson grew up in an airline family and is passionate about flying but began taking personal responsibility for his aviation impact on the environment after learning that the industry increased emissions since the 1990 Earth Summit and has no plan to decarbonise aviation.

He sees aviation as the defining issue in personal emissions management because it requires behaviour modification to achieve rapid decarbonisation (while most other activities can be achieved by efficient methods such as electric cars).

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 208 pages
ISBN: 9780857842091
Format: 198mm x 130mm

BISAC Code:  BUS094000, NAT011000, TRV026020
Imprint: Green Books

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