Community Energy
A guide to community-based renewable-energy projects

By Gordon Cowtan

Community Energy
Paperback, 208 pages £19.99
Published: 1st September 2017
ISBN: 9780857842497
Format: 220mm x 220mm

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Published: 1st September 2017
ISBN: 9780857842503
PDF, 208 pages
Published: 1st September 2017
ISBN: 9780857842510
Published: 1st September 2017
ISBN: 9780857845139

Series: The Local Series

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This book looks at the role of community renewable energy projects in the UK. It examines the history of community renewable projects and the different types of project that have been successful and unsuccessful.
Community Energy looks at:

  • What is a community renewable energy project?
  • Why community renewable matter and why might you want to get involved.
  • The history of community energy
  • Different scales of project
  • Different types of community and community structures
  • Government policy
  • Different technologies
  • Planning policy and planning permission
  • Legal structures
  • Finance and financial models
  • Organizations that provide support
  • Other sources of information

The book is a handy resource for anyone thinking of embarking on a community renewables project as well being a useful source of information for people in the renewables industry and policy makers at all levels of government.

“An excellent overview of everything you need to know about community energy; from the technologies, to the legislation, the financing and the community organising. With excellent examples, from a number of countries, it sets out what can be done, how to avoid the pitfalls, and just how big the benefits can be. It’s a truly invaluable resource.”

- Craig Bennett, CEO, Friends of the Earth

“Community energy has huge potential to help the UK meet our energy and climate objectives, whilst making society fairer and more democratic.”

- Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey, Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, UK Chairman of Mongoose Energy, a company devoted to supporting community ownership of energy supplies

"The transition to renewable energy is an opportunity to transform the ownership of our energy too. It’s great to see communities taking charge of meeting their own needs, deciding how to change the way they use energy, and letting them reap the benefits. "

- Patrick Harvie, MSP, (Scottish Green Party)

"An indispensable guide for anyone interested in starting a community energy project in their own area."

- The Fine Times Recorder

Gordon Cowtan

Gordon Cowtan is one of the four founders of Fintry Development Trust. The trust’s remit is to reduce energy use and carbon emissions from the village of Fintry and it has a ground-breaking agreement with a local commercial windfarm, which Gordon helped negotiate. Since then, Gordon has provided expert advice to other communities and to commercial developers.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 208 pages
ISBN: 9780857842497
Format: 220mm x 220mm

Binding: Electronic book text
ISBN: 9780857842503
Format: EPUB

Binding: Electronic book text, 208 pages
ISBN: 9780857842510
Format: PDF

Binding: Electronic book text
ISBN: 9780857845139
Format: Kindle

BISAC Code:  BUS072000, TEC031010
Imprint: Green Books

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