Car Sick
Solutions for Our Car-addicted Culture

By Lynn Sloman

Car Sick
Paperback, 192 pages £10.95
Published: 31st March 2006
ISBN: 9781903998762
Format: 234mm x 156mm


The twenty-first century is gridlocked. Mass motorisation has ruptured community ties, bankrupted a nation of family shops, and bred a nation of obese children and adults. Politicians stumble from one transport crisis to the next.
Lynn Sloman proposes a novel way forward - not through the big-bang civil engineering projects, but by getting people to think about their choices, rather than reaching for their car keys.
She shows how de-motorisation works: in place of traffic, it offers neighbourly streets and vibrant city centres. Copenhagenís decision to createpedestrian streets in the city centre has made it an outdoor theatre, filled with celebration and spectacle even in winter. From small towns like Langenlois in Austria, to the centre of London, de-motorisation is transforming urban
surroundings. We do not need to get rid of cars altogether. What we do need is to change the way we think about travel. Car Sick is a passionate, well-argued case for moving away from a car-centred to a people-centred society.

Carsóthe ultimate mixed blessing
Why the political system canít tackle transport
Soft, small, stubborn: principles of de-motorisation
De-motorising the rush hour: some soft solutions
Better public transport, or why buses run around empty
Cycling: stripping off the spandex
De-motorising planning, or whose idea was it to drive there anyway?
Civic space reclaimed: the dawn of the de-motorised city
How much traffic can we get rid of?
De-motorising yourself
What does the future hold?

Lynn Sloman

Lynn Sloman was Assistant Director of the environmental pressure group Transport 2000 for ten years until 2002. She now runs a sustainable transport consultancy, Transport for Quality of Life, helping the government, local councils and voluntary groups find ways to cut traffic. She is an advisor on the Board of Transport for London, a Visiting Fellow at University of Westminster Transport Studies Group, and a member of the National Cycling Strategy Board. She lives in rural mid-Walesówithout a car

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN: 9781903998762
Format: 234mm x 156mm

BISAC Code:  NAT010000, POL026000, SOC026000, TRA000000
Imprint: Green Books

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