Building with Straw Bales

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Appendices 5, 6 and 7 can be downloaded here.


Appendix 5: How to build rammed car tyre foundations

Recycled car tyres rammed with stone make excellent, low cost foundations with a low impact
on the environment. Appendix 5 explains why you should use car tyres to make foundations and
guides you through the process for different sorts of soils and building designs.

Appendix 6: Understanding lime products

There are an increasing number of lime plasters and products available on the market and it’s important to be able to choose the right type of lime for your purpose. Appendix 6 gives information on the products available, and explains how to understand what it says on the bag.

Appendix 7: How to make a limecrete floor

Limecrete is the name given to solid-floor slabs, or bond beams, made using lime as a binder rather than cement. This appendix gives a method for making a DIY limecrete floor (although, because different sands have different strengths and properties, it is not recommended that you make a limecrete floor on a large scale without expert advice).


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