Growing a New Energy Economy, Second Edition

By Greg Pahl and Bill McKibben

Paperback, 296 pages £16.95
Published: 15th September 2008
ISBN: 9781933392967
Format: 234mm x 156mm


For anyone who is trying to keep up with the extremely rapid developments in the biodiesel industry, the second edition of Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy is an invaluable aid. The breathtaking speed with which biodiesel has gained acceptance in the marketplace in the past few years has been exceeded only by the proliferation of biodiesel production facilities around the United States - and the world - only to confront new social and environmental challenges and criticisms.

In this edition the international survey of the biodiesel industry has been expanded from 40 to more than 80 countries, reflecting the spectacular growth of the industry around the world. This section also tracks the dramatic shifts in the fortunes of the industry that have taken place in some of these nations. The detailed chapters that cover the industry in the United States have also been substantially rewritten to keep abreast of its many new developments and explosive domestic growth. An expanded section on small-scale, local biodiesel production has been added to better represent this small but growing part of the industry. Another new section has been added to more fully explore the increasingly controversial issues of deforestation and food versus fuel, as well as GMO crops.

The book concludes with updated views on where the industry is headed in the years to come from some of its key players.

Finally, the book we've been looking for. Greg Pahl's new biodiesel book offers a comprehensive review of all things veggie oil powered. From the history of the diesel engine to the development of the biodiesel industry, past, current, and future. This is the ultimate primer.

- Rob Elam, Propel Project

Greg Pahl

Greg Pahl has been involved with renewable energy issues for more than 25 years. He is a founding member of the Vermont Biofuels Association. He is also the author of Natural Home Heating: The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Options (Chelsea Green, 2003), The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis (Chelsea Green, 2007), and has written about wind power, solar energy, electric cars, sustainable forestry management, and biodiesel home heating. He lives in Weybridge, Vermont. Visit Greg's Web site at

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 296 pages
ISBN: 9781933392967
Format: 234mm x 156mm

BISAC Code:  NAT038000, SCI020000, TEC003000, TEC031000
Imprint: Chelsea Green Publishing

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