At the Expense of Others?
How the imperial mode of living prevents a good life for all

By I.L.A. Kollektiv

At the Expense of Others?
Paperback, 128 pages £16.99
Published: 2nd April 2020
ISBN: 9783962381561
Format: 210mm x 297mm

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The exploitation of the planet and its resources, Greece’s socio-political situation or the degrading practices of the textile industry are just a few of the many problems we face as a global society. Many are aware of these issues, yet little seems to change. Why is this? The concept of the imperial mode of living explains why, in spite of increasing injustices, no long-term alternatives have managed to succeed and a socio-ecological transformation remains out of sight.



Historical overview



Money and finance

Education and knowledge

Food and agriculture


Summary and outlook

The non-profit association Common Future e.V. from Göttingen, Germany is active in a number of projects focussing on global justice and socio-ecological business approaches. The association organised the I.L.A. Werkstatt: "Imperial Modes of Living – Structures of Exploitation in the 21st Century". The interdisciplinary I.L.A. Kollektiv was born, consisting of 17 young researchers and activists. Their goal: dedicating a whole year to the scientific study of the imperial mode of living and bringing their results to a wider audience.

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Binding: Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN: 9783962381561
Format: 210mm x 297mm

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Imprint: Oekom

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