One Magic Square
Grow your own food on one square metre

By Lolo Houbein

One Magic Square
Hardback, 368 pages £19.99
Published: 5th February 2015
ISBN: 9780857842800
Format: 200mm x 200mm


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Fully revised for UK and Northern European climates.

The best and cheapest food is the food you grow in your own garden. One Magic Square shows how you can start your own productive food garden in ten minutes a day on a single square metre. With simple plot designs starting with salads and gradually expanding to include beans, tomatoes, corn, roots and much more; you can take the first steps in growing your own food organically.

These bite-sized designs allow you to extend by one square metre each season, or pick your favourites to add a bit of excitement to your cooking. The magic of square-metre gardening is in allowing you to keep your garden manageable even as your self-sufficiency increases.

The book covers:

  • How to grow food one square metre at a time
  • Plot designs from basic to complex, with
  • Ideas for specific diets and tastes
  • Ideas for moving towards food self-sufficiency
  • Tips and tricks
  • Descriptions of food plants
  • The benefits of companion planting

For beginners and more experienced gardeners, this book has a wealth of information and guidance.

How to Use this Book

PART ONE: The Magic Square Metre Plots

  • The Salad Plots
  • Salad Plot A
  • Salad Plot B
  • Salad Plot C
  • Salad Plot D
  • Salad Plot E
  • The Broadbean Plot
  • The Anti-Oxidants Plot
  • The Curry Plots
  • Curry Plot A
  • Curry Plot B
  • The Beans Plot
  • The Stir-Fry Plots
  • Winter Stir-Fry Plot
  • Summer Stir-Fry Plot
  • The Root Crop Plot
  • The Pasta/Pizza Plots
  • Pasta/Pizza Plot A
  • Pasta/Pizza Plot B
  • The Horta Plot
  • The Aztec Plot
  • The Pea Plot
  • The Melon Plot
  • The Herb Plot
  • The Soup Plot
  • The Pick-&-Come-Again Plot
  • The Starchy Staples Plot
  • The Rotating Mono Crops Plot
  • The Onion & Garlic Plot
  • The Anti-Cancer Plots
  • Anti-Cancer Plot A
  • Anti-Cancer Plot B
  • Berry Plots & Hedges
  • The Pumpkin Plot
  • The Perennials
  • The Spice Companions

PART TWO: Toward Food Self-Sufficiency

  • The Terrifying Importance of Growing Food
  • Climate, Weather & Microclimates
  • Inspirations & Credentials
  • From Garden to Table
  • How to Find Time to Grow Food
  • Gardening with Attitude
  • Essential Utensils
  • Shopping for Roots & Seeds
  • Cupboard Self-Sufficiency

PART THREE: Tips & Tricks

  • Water & Watering
  • Soil SecretsCompost Compositions
  • Plant Food & Soil Food
  • The Message of Mulch
  • What to Do about Weeds?
  • Crop Rotation & Green Crops
  • Pests & Predators
  • An A–Z of Pests & Problems
  • Companion Planting & Intercropping
  • The Seasons
  • Permaculture
  • Seeds & Seedlings
  • Saving Seed
  • Hardware in the Food Garden
  • Pruning, Pinching & Thinning
  • Easy-Care Fruit Trees
  • Livestock, Birds, Bees & Frogs
  • Ten Green Rules
  • PART FOUR: Descriptions of Food Plants
  • An A–Z of Vegetable Groups
  • Summer, Winter & All Season Vegetables
  • List of Common Vegetables: How to Grow & Use Them
  • List of Common Herbs: How to Grow & Use Them
  • List of Easy-Care Fruit Trees & Berries: How to Grow & Use Them


"It is possible to grow a staggering amount in just a small plot. Ideal for balconies, terraces, courtyards, small gardens or allotments, square metre gardening is perfectly suited to urban growers. It is about maximum work - and the joy of seeing what can flourish in such a small space."

- The City Planter

"This inspiring book sets out to encourage everyone to start growing produce even if it's the first time you have ever considered doing so and in whatever limited space there is available."

- Backlane Notebook

One Magic Square "takes a sensivle apporach, with manageable squares and small tasks, so that food gardening can fit into the busiest lifestyle... And it's a year-round book, so it won't languish on the shlf during winter."

- Emma Cooper Emma the Gardener

Lolo Houbein

Lolo Houbein was born in Holland and later moved to Australia. She is well known as n author of fiction and non-fiction, including gardening books. Food security - and the absence of it - has been a lifelong preoccupation for her.

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 368 pages
ISBN: 9780857842800
Format: 200mm x 200mm

BISAC Code:  GAR006000, GAR025000
Imprint: Green Books

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