Gardening for Profit
From home plot to market garden

By Kate Collyns

Gardening for Profit
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Published: 31st October 2013
ISBN: 9780857841353

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More and more of us are discovering the rewards of growing our own food – and there’s plenty of advice to be found on how to do so. But what about producing larger quantities to sell? And even trying to make a living from this amazing and essential thing?

This book is for anyone who is interested in selling some produce for profit – whether just surplus from a vegetable garden or wholesale from a fully developed professional business. It takes you step by step through all the aspects you’ll need to think about, including:

  • finding land
  • winning customers and marketing your produce
  • working out what equipment you'll need (and how much to budget for)
  • sourcing funding
  • managing your accounts – and doing the tax and legal paperwork
  • deciding which crops to grow.

With an extensive directory of invaluable contacts and resources, Gardening for Profit is packed with solid, first-hand advice. It provides all the reassurance you might need that earning an income from horticulture is perfectly possible.


"Kate Collyns has made a gutsy switch from urban living to running her own market garden,  without owning any land. She is the person to guide you through a challenging and rewarding process. It is not all roses for sure, yet there is a lot of sweetness in this book!"                           Charles Dowding, author & grower

"A short guide to sustainable market gardening is a timely publication, with more and more people setting up community gardens. Turning a hobby into a business is never easy, and books on how to manage the business of growing crops are rare."

                                                                                Alan Schofield, Chairman Organic Growers' Alliance

"People increasingly want to know where their food comes from, and there is a large movement of young people setting up market gardens to supply local markets.  Getting it right is not easy, but Kate has been there and done it: a graduate of the Soil Associations Apprenticeship Scheme, she has worked with a box scheme and then set up her own market garden, supplying local farms shops and restaurants. A must-have for anyone setting up for the first time."

Kate Collyns, 32yrs old, BA Philosophy & English Literature, MA Philosophy (Birkbeck College). She finds growing is a good follow-on from philosophy,but realised you can't change the world just by talking and thinking, but by doing too. Previous career in consumer magazine publishing (BBC Worldwide, Merricks Media, GMC). Was a Soil Association apprentice, before setting up Grown Green @ Hartley Farm. Has featured in various magazine since leaving publishing, including the Independent Magazine.

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