Timeless Simplicity
Creative Living in a Consumer Society

By John Lane

Timeless Simplicity
Paperback, 112 pages £8.95
Published: 1st January 2001
ISBN: 9781903998007
Format: 234mm x 156mm


This is a book about simplicity – not destitution, parsimoniousness or self-denial, but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit. It is a book about the advantages of living a less cluttered, less stressful life than that which has become the norm in the overcrowded and manic-paced consuming nations. It is a book about having less and enjoying more, enjoying time to do the work you love, enjoying time to spend with your family, enjoying time to pursue creative projects, enjoying time for good eating, enjoying time just to be.


Why Voluntary Simplicity?

A Short History of Simplicity

Obstacles to Simplicity

Laying the Foundations for a Simpler Lifestyle

The Gifts of Simplicity

The Sacred Arts of Life


In keeping with its title, this is a straightforward book, beautifully illustrated, well ordered, with clear directions and useful references. What is more, it is written without cant, and, most importantly, not by a zealot but by a practitioner. Only someone who has sought to practise the simple life would know its detail, the small matters that make it so.

- David Cadman Resurgence

John Lane

John Lane (1930 - 2012) was a painter, writer and educationalist. He was Chairman of the Dartington Hall Trust, founding direct of the Beaford Arts centre and instrumental in the creation of Schumacher College. His books include The Living Tree: Art and the Sacred, Timeless Simplicity: Creative Living in a Consumer Society, Timeless Beauty in the Arts and Everyday Life and The Spirit of Silence: Making Space for Creativity. He lived in Devon for over 40 years.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 112 pages
ISBN: 9781903998007
Format: 234mm x 156mm
7 woodcuts

BISAC Code:  NAT010000, OCC000000, PHI016000, SOC026000
Imprint: Green Books

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