Community Energy

A comprehensive book that provides information and guidance for anyone interested in setting up and running a community energy project.

Paperback    £19.99

9780857842497 | Published: September 2017 | Green Books

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

Paperback    £8.99

9780857841179 | Published: June 2013 | Green Books

The Transition Companion

Paperback    £19.95

9781900322973 | Published: October 2011 | Transition Books

Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future

Communities, Councils & Climate Change includes current examples of best eco practice from local authorities across the UK and elsewhere, as well as a look at the background to unsuccessful projects.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322652 | Published: October 2010 | Transition Books

Local Sustainable Homes

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322768 | Published: October 2010 | Transition Books

Local Money

An inspiring yet practical new book, Local Money helps you understand what money is and what makes good and bad money. It draws on the considerable track record of experimentation with local money around the world and gives ideas to those in the Transition movement and beyond about what has been tried, what works, and what to avoid.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322522 | Published: June 2010 | Transition Books

Local Food

Drawing on the practical experience of Transition initiatives and other community initiatives around the world, this guide powerfully shows how by working together the results can be far greater than the sum of their parts.

Paperback    £17.99

9781900322430 | Published: September 2009 | Transition Books

The Transition Timeline

Describes four possible scenarios for the UK, and in particular the Transition vision which provides a context in which communities can work towards a thriving future.

Paperback    £12.95

9781900322560 | Published: March 2009 | Transition Books

The Transition Handbook

The Transition Handbook is the manual which will guide communities to face up to the challenges of climate change and peak oil, and begin their 'energy descent' journey. The argument that 'small is inevitable' is upbeat and positive, as well as utterly convincing.

Paperback    £17.99

9781900322188 | Published: February 2008 | Transition Books