Growing Self-Sufficiency

Growing Self-Sufficiency is a practical and inspirational guide to the everyday steps everyone can take to experience the satisfaction and fulfilment of providing for yourself.

Paperback    £17.99

Published: September 2017 | Green Books

The Garden Awakening

Learn how to design and nurture a beautiful space. Bring the energy of wild places into your garden while incorporating sustainable living and growing your own food.

Hardback    £19.99

Published: March 2016 | Green Books

Grow your own Wedding Flowers

From jam-jar posies to elaborate displays, this lovely book explains how to grow and create beautiful arrangements and make your special day unique, without costing the earth.

Hardback    £19.99

Published: November 2015 | Green Books

Gardening Myths and Misconceptions

This fascinating and practical book will help the seasoned gardener find easier and more productive ways of gardening, growing vegetables in particular, and give new gardeners heart.

Hardback    £9.99

Published: March 2014 | Green Books

Gardening for Profit

The comprehensive guide to starting a sustainable market garden business.

Paperback    £9.99

Published: October 2013 | Green Books

Growing Up the Wall

If you have limited outdoor space and would like to grow your food, this practical illustrated guide will help you transform previously plant-free zones into thriving, beneficial and utterly beautiful food-growing areas.

No matter how small the outdoor space you have, this book will get you started on a new way of growing.

Paperback    £5.00

Published: April 2013 | Green Books