Contributions Towards a Sustainable World

Parks are key to the protection of nature and the to the conservation of cultural landscapes, but increasingly, they promote sustainable development.

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9783865814791 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

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9780857843876 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom


Changeology is about influencing the behaviour of human beings for the better. The book simplifies a vast body of theory and practice into six principles: buzz, hope, enabling environments, sticky solutions, ‘can do’ and the right inviter. These are explained with fascinating real-life stories and a look at the hard evidence.

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9780857840615 | Published: October 2012 | Green Books

The Company We Keep

A book about a different way of doing business in today?s world?a way based on workplace democracy, shared ownership, staying small, building community, commitment to a place, and long-term thinking.

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9781933392196 | Published: January 2007 | Chelsea Green Publishing

The Compassionate Revolution

Shows how our capitalist system is dependent on the promotion of the three Buddhist ‘Poisons’ of Greed, Hatred and Ignorance:?greed for profit at any cost in terms of human suffering; hatred of foreign obstacles to profit; and ignorance of the cosy link between Western corporations and Third World dictators, helping to protect Western profits.

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9781870098700 | Published: May 1998 | Green Books