The Apocalypedia

The Apocalypedia is a countercultural A-Z that pokes fun at modern society, through a friendly but deeply revolutionary collection of flash-essays and comic vignettes.

Hardback    £14.99

9780857844057 | Published: September 2016 | Green Books

Spiritual Compass

Draws on the Indian Ayurvedic tradition which characterises the mind as having three gunas, or primary qualities: sattva (characterised by calmness, clarity and purity), rajas (energy and passion), and tamas (dullness and ignorance).

Paperback    £8.95

9780857844163 | Published: September 2016 | Green Books

No Destination

Written with a penetrating simplicity, No Destination is an exhilarating account of an extraordinary life.

Hardback    £17.99

9780857842619 | Published: November 2014 | Green Books

Alias Papa

A sympathetic biography of the author of "Small is Beautiful" and pioneering environmentalist, by his eldest daughter Barbara Wood, and with a foreword by Robert McCrum.

Paperback    £6.00

9781900322942 | Published: June 2011 | Green Books

Fourteen Songs by Rabindranath Tagore

In the text that accompanies these fourteen songs, Arthur Geddes discusses the life and work of Tagore, the sources from which the poet took his inspiration, and the translator’s own efforts in trying not only to faithfully translate Tagore’s words but to convey the imagery, rhythms and verse forms of the originals.

Paperback    £12.50

9780857840226 | Published: May 2011 | Resurgence Books

A Taste of Tagore

A Taste of Tagore enables some of the magical poetry, elegant prose and meaningful prayers of Rabindranath Tagore, India’s first Nobel Laureate, to be used as contemplations in our daily lives. 

Paperback    £9.95

9781900322935 | Published: April 2011 | Green Books


This series of drawings by long-standing Resurgence artist Truda Lane evokes the magic of natural landscapes and of our inner worlds. 

Paperback    £10.00

9781900322959 | Published: November 2010 | Resurgence Books

The Art of Ageing

The Art of Ageing gives advice on how to make the most of ageing, how we can celebrate its positive gifts and includes the stories of people who enjoy creative and productive lives well into their eighties and nineties.

The Art of Ageing gives advice on how to make the most of ageing, how we can celebrate its positive gifts and includes the stories of people who enjoy creative and productive lives well into their eighties and nineties.

Hardback    £10.95

9781900322737 | Published: September 2010 | Green Books

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

A remarkable journey of survival and resilience, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating shows how a small part of the natural world can illuminate our own human existence and deepen our appreciation of what it means to be fully alive.

Hardback    £6.00

9781900322911 | Published: September 2010 | Green Books

Where Earwigs Dare

A collection of Mattås latest poems, horticultural, whimsical, ecological, political and just plain funny.

Paperback    £9.95

9781900322874 | Published: September 2010 | Green Books

Earth Pilgrim

The book takes the form of conversations between Satish and others about the inner and outer aspects of pilgrimage: "To be a pilgrim is to be on a path of adventure, to move out of our comfort zones, to let go of our prejudices and preconditioning, to make strides towards the unknown."

Hardback    £10.95

9781900322577 | Published: October 2009 | Green Books

Wise Words for the Good Life

By grouping the wisdom of the ages into categories that are quirky yet eminently sensible, Helen Nearing brings to life the contemporary relevance of some of the most profound chroniclers of our rural heritage.

Paperback    £11.95

9781890132415 | Published: September 2009 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Money and Soul

Money and Soul opens up new methods of looking at, thinking about and using money. It points to a future where our ideas about money will be greatly epxanded, and there will be different kinds of money, with different social purposes, in circulation.

Paperback    £12.95

9781900322461 | Published: March 2009 | Green Books

John Burroughs

Hardback    £19.95

9780930031596 | Published: January 2008 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Best of Didymus

For thirty years, John Moatís Resurgence brief has been to contribute levity to the magazineís serious business of imprinting a green complexion on what planet earth claims as consciousness. This beautifully-crafted book, with never a word in excess or a story simply told is full of multi-layered meanderings brimful of insight, humour and candour.

Paperback    £7.99

9781900322225 | Published: November 2007 | Green Books