Irene Schoene

Irene Schoene studied Politics and Economics in Hamburg and Kassel, qualifying with a Masters and a PhD in Social Economics. At the Freiburg Institute for Applied Ecology, she worked on developing a wider modern economic approach, published in two books in german. 

Irene was one of the founders of the Berlin Institute for Ecological Economy Research, and is a member of its Scientific Council. Since 1998, she has worked as one of the three Non-Executive Directors at a green bank. 

Irene lectures and speaks across Europe and has written 50 publications, "Fair Economics" is her third book.

Fair Economics

Irene Schoene puts forward an alternative economics that is not only relevant to our modern world of technology and industry, but which also shows an awareness of environmental considerations.

Hardback    £29.99

Published: September 2015 | Green Books