Grow Your Own Mushrooms
How to choose, grow and cook them

By (author) Folko Kullmann

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A comprehensive guide to growing a variety of mushrooms in your house, garden or balcony.

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Perfect for new and adventurous gardeners and cooks.

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Folko Kullmann has been experimenting with gardening techniques in his garden and balcony since studying horticultural science and plant production at TU Munich and working at prestigious nurseries in Europe, including Kew in London. He edits GartenPraxis, the leading magazine for botanists, gardeners and horticulturists and is both the author of several books and a horticultural journalist.

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"I like the book. Clear step-by-step instructions plus scientific explanations and descriptions of different fungi - something for everyone. Plenty of tables, checklist, photos and recipes."


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"I have wanted to grow my own mushrooms for ages but didn't know enough to try. This book with its clear instructions and great photos has inspired me to give it a go." -


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“an interesting, informative and inspiring read, everything you want to know, makes success seem plausible though mine own experience indicates it’s often a tad harder than here suggested"


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“All the information you could ever need to grow your own delicious mushrooms in one super book. An essential reference for beginners and experienced growers alike.”


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Grow delicious edible mushrooms indoors or outdoors, in your garden or on your balcony, and enjoy them fresh throughout the year. This practical book explains how to grow fungi, with easy-to-understand instructions:

  • Methods and growing-media for indoors and out
  • Getting your mushrooms started and caring for them
  • How to harvest, store, and preserve your mushrooms all year round
  • In-depth descriptions of the most popular varieties

This beautifully designed book is the perfect introduction to mushrooms. In it, Folko Kullmann explains what fungi are, how they grow, their history and medicinal properties. It outlines every step of how to grow mushrooms at home, with lots of photographs throughout.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms includes a 12-month plan and a list of the best mushrooms to grow at home. In the garden, mushrooms thrive in areas too shady for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Whether you grow them on logs, straw bales, or ready-mixed growing media, with the right care you’re sure of a rich crop of delicious and unusual mushrooms.

Mushrooms are completely at home on balconies, where you can grow them in the shade in pots or containers and many are in their element indoors – in the kitchen or bathroom, on a windowsill, in a dark corner, or in the basement. Best of all, indoors you can grow them all year round!

Growing your own mushrooms is fun and can give you a great harvest. These mushrooms, described in detail in the book, are ideal for beginners, as they are low-maintenance, grow quickly and are suitable for cooking in a variety of ways:

  • Shiitake has great taste and is packed with nutritional value. It grows on wood or special growing media, indoors or out.
  • Oyster mushrooms come in such a wide variety, some fruiting in spring and autumn, some in summer, so you can have fresh, delicious mushrooms almost all year round.
  • King oyster mushrooms taste very similar to porcini, and form their first fruiting bodies in just a few weeks, so perfect for an impatient beginner.
  • Sheathed Woodtuft mushrooms grow quickly and almost anywhere and are so easy to dry, they are perfect for the storecupboard.
  • Wine cap mushrooms are tasty mushrooms that fruit twice a year.

And, while mushrooms are versatile in your kitchen, this book also shows how easy they are to preserve, so if you have too many, you don’t have to use them right away.

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“This fascinating book takes Grow Your Own to a whole new level. Straightforward, interesting and rather fun, it is packed with possibilities and opens up fresh landscapes of taste to the home gardener.”


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I’ve long wanted to add mushroom growing to my garden repertoire, but never really knew how to go about doing so until “Grow Your Own Mushrooms” came along. It’s just the ticket for anyone wanting to try the fun and interesting art of mushroom growing. I can think of no better conversation piece in the garden than a log or straw bale covered with pick-your-own shiitakes or oyster mushrooms

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"Grow Your Own Mushrooms by Folko Kullman is a comprehensive, 
illustrated guide to growing your favorite mushrooms with all the 
information you will ever need from spores to storage. A great book 
for all levels of gardeners.”