The Garden Awakening
Designs to nurture our land and ourselves

By (author) Mary Reynolds

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Mary Reynolds is the youngest woman to win a gold medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. She is an Irish garden and landscape designer, famous for her wild garden at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London. Her life has been the inspiration for a film: Dare to be Wild.

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“A remarkable, inspirational and admirable woman has written a book that should be essential reading for everyone interested in the real meaning of wellbeing in its widest sense”
– Sir Tim Smit, Executive Vice-Chairman, and Co-founder of the Eden Project

“Mary Reynolds is … a custodian of the earth, a creature of the forest and, above all, a creative spirit whose work is so deeply anchored to the earth that her gardens are always a partnership rather than an imposition.”
– James Alexander-Sinclair, Royal Horticultural Society council member, garden designer, writer and TV presenter

“Mary Reynolds here gives charming and practical expression to the wild, free and joyful voice which beckons us all … Garden Awakening reminds us that the natural but hidden connections between soil and soul are at once familiar,
comfortable and sovereign."
– Peter Bane, author The Permaculture Handbook

The Garden Awakening is a garden design book with a difference. Mary looks at the land the way a parent looks at a child – as a gift and a responsibility. Learn how to design and nurture a beautiful, vibrant and magical space; bring the energy and atmosphere of wild places into your garden; incorporate sustainable living and growing your own food, in partnership with nature and you will never look at your garden in the same way again.