Occupy World Street
A global roadmap for radical economic and political reform

By (author) Ross Jackson

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Across the world, in an ever-growing number of cities, people are starting to rise up against a global financial cabal that has, essentially, bought governments and left economies in tatters. Debt-stricken European countries are witnessing demonstrations from angry citizens as their economies crumble and pundits discuss how long it will take for neighbouring nations to follow suit. These protestors may not clearly understand the roots of the economic problems, nor be able to articulate solutions. But they know one thing: their lives have been radically changed, for the worse, by an unsustainable financial paradigm.

In Occupy World Street, Ross Jackson delivers one of the most incisive, clear descriptions of the global financial practices that have driven economies to the brink of collapse. He also puts forth a compelling, detailed plan to let sovereign nations regain control of their economies, reorganise global trade alliances on a more human scale, and gradually phase out global institutions that have wreaked havoc, replacing them with institutions that support sustainable economies, uphold human rights and respect environmental standards.

In essence, Jackson has done what few others have dared to do: constructed a specific, implementable plan to reorganise the way world economies work. It’s a plan that, according to sustainable economics pioneer Hazel Henderson, “has the potential to unite hundreds of NGOs and millions of ordinary citizens in the streets behind a single simple proposal that could change the current dysfunctional game."

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Ross Jackson, an expert in international finance and operations research, has long been an innovative leader in both the business and NGO worlds. He is chairman of Gaia Trust, a Danish-based foundation that supports the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education as well as hundreds of sustainability projects in 40 countries. He is also director and owner of Urtekram, Scandinavia’s largest wholesale organic food company, and former chairman of Gaiacorp, foreign-exchange consultants and hedge fund managers. Jackson is author of a number of books, including And We ARE Doing It: Building an ecovillage future, and is co-editor of When No Means Yes: Danish visions of a different Europe and Gaian Economics: Living well within planetary limits.