The Politics of Sufficiency

This book outlines a politics of sufficiency that will make it easier to live with fewer resources but with stronger relationships, enabling us to reduce the speed, complexity, clutter and commercialization currently blighting our lives.

Paperback    £9.99

9783865816900 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

Poverty Reduction through Social Business?

 Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus and founder of Grameen Bank proposes a route out of poverty in this insightful work.

Paperback    £21.99

9783865812872 | Published: April 2016 | Oekom

The Passivhaus Handbook

The Passivhaus Handbook is an essential guide to realizing a supremely comfortable, healthy and durable home with exceptionally low energy costs.  It focuses on getting the building fabric right, to achieve ultra-low energy consumption in the most cost-effective manner. The approach is relevant to a wide range of building types and climates.

Paperback    £35.00

9780857840196 | Published: October 2012 | Green Books

The Polytunnel Handbook

Looks at all aspects of polytunnel use from planning your purchase to harvesting the rewards, and includes a step-by-step guide detailing how polytunnels are put up and maintained.

Paperback    £10.95

9781900322454 | Published: December 2008 | Green Books

Practical Photovoltaics

Paperback    £14.95

9780937948118 | Published: December 2008 | Aatec

Permaculture in Practice

Shows how permaculture is practised in four very different settings: a Hampshire back garden; a City Challenge project in Bradford; a community co-op in Devon; and a small farm in the Forest of Dean.

DVD    £10.00

9781900322409 | Published: July 2008 | Green Books

Pigs Must Eat on Sundays

With the charm of Beryl Cook and the quirkiness of Stanley Spencer, Ben Hartley's childlike drawings of everyday country life are accompanied by wry and witty comments.

Hardback    £9.95

9781903998687 | Published: January 2005 | Green Books

Poisoned Arrows

At great personal risk and with forged travel documents, George Monbiot bluffed, cheated and forced his way into the remotest tropical place in the world Ñ the forbidden territories of Irian Jaya, Indonesia Ñ home to tribes who are now, along with their forest land, being systematically obliterated.

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998274 | Published: May 2003 | Green Books