Hardback    £19.95

9783960061755 | Published: March 2018 | Oekom

Edible Mushrooms

This is the most comprehensive guide to foraging for wild mushrooms in UK and Northern Europe, perfect for both beginners and experienced foragers. It describes the best tasting fungi, where & when to find them, how to distinguish the edible species from poisonous lookalikes & when to leave an edible mushroom alone.


Paperback    £24.99

9780857843975 | Published: October 2016 | Green Books

Hardback    £34.99

9780857844590 | Published: June 2018 | Green Books

The Eco-Home Design Guide

Christopher Day draws on his extensive experience to explain the key principles of eco-home design, focussing on natural methods rather than expensive technology.

Paperback    £24.99

9780857843050 | Published: October 2015 | Green Books

Hardback    £39.99

9780857843043 | Published: October 2015 | Green Books

Economics Unmasked

Economics Unmasked presents a cogent critique of the dominant economic system, showing that the theoretical constructions of mainstream economics work mainly to bring about injustice.

This book outlines the foundations of a new economics – where justice, human dignity, compassion and reverence for life are the guiding values.

Paperback    £12.95

9781900322706 | Published: February 2011 | Green Books

Earth Pilgrim

The book takes the form of conversations between Satish and others about the inner and outer aspects of pilgrimage: "To be a pilgrim is to be on a path of adventure, to move out of our comfort zones, to let go of our prejudices and preconditioning, to make strides towards the unknown."

Hardback    £10.95

9781900322577 | Published: October 2009 | Green Books


Increasingly, products on American shelves are equated with serious health hazards, hazards that the European Union is legislating out of existence in its powerful trading bloc, a lead that even China is beginning to follow. Schapiro illustrates how the blowback from weak regulation in the USA carries an economic, as well as environmental, price.

Paperback    £5.50

9781603580588 | Published: January 2009 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Exploring Green Lanes and the Stories They Tell - South and South-East Devon

50 circular routes to explore in some of Devonís most beautiful countryside

Paperback    £9.95

9781900322294 | Published: September 2008 | Green Books

Economic Renaissance

An informal account by Colin Tudge of a think-tank held at Schumacher College, Devon in November 2007, on Holistic Economics.

Paperback    £5.00

9781900322348 | Published: August 2008 | Green Books

Eat Well, Waste Less

We all have leftovers, which often get thrown away – the average household puts £470worth of edible food in the bin every year! This book:

•    is packed with ideas for using up your leftovers
•    gives advice on planning, buying and storing food
•    will help you reduce your food bills
•    will help reduce your environmental impact

Paperback    £4.95

9781900322379 | Published: July 2008 | Green Books

Exploring Green Lanes in North and North-West Devon

A walking guide to 50 green lanes

Paperback    £9.95

9781900322218 | Published: June 2008 | Green Books

Eco Baby

How to go green with your baby

Paperback    £7.95

9781903998953 | Published: May 2008 | Green Books

Eco-centres and Courses

The only comprehensive guide to Eco Centres in the UK and Ireland with over 150 places which offer courses or eco-days out

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998908 | Published: April 2007 | Green Books

Ecology Begins at Home

'Ecology Begins at Home' offers environmnentally-friendly options that don't necessarily require major changes to your lifestyle. With his positive attitude, Archie Duncanson takes us on a journey of discovery to find a more sustainable way to live, from reducing rubbish and the use of chemicals, to cooking with almost no energy.

Paperback    £4.95

9781900322331 | Published: January 2007 | Green Books

Ethical Markets

With insight, clarity, warmth and enthusiasm, Hazel Henderson announces the mature presence of the green economy. Mainstream media and big business interests have sidelined its emergence and evolution, but it is now a significant and rapidly growing sector.

Paperback    £24.95

9781933392233 | Published: January 2007 | Chelsea Green Publishing


100 energy saving tips for the home

Paperback    £4.95

9781903998885 | Published: October 2006 | Green Books