Community Energy

A comprehensive book that provides information and guidance for anyone interested in setting up and running a community energy project.

Paperback    £19.99

9780857842497 | Published: April 2016 | Green Books

The Water-Efficient Gardener

The Water-Efficient Gardener is an invaluable book for anyone who wants to be a water-wise gardener, whether because of weather conditions or because they are environmentally conscious.

Hardback    £24.99

9780857842855 | Published: March 2016 | Green Books

Farm Digesters

A no-nonsense guide to farm digesters, providing a wealth of useful information for anyone who wants to know more. 

Paperback    £19.99

9780857842329 | Published: November 2015 | Green Books

The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting

The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting is a fun, practical and inspirational guide to maintaining your green values while raising your children, engaging with nature, and getting outdoors - all without feeling guilty about the inevitable compromises.

Paperback    £17.99

9780857842541 | Published: October 2015 | Green Books

Building with Straw Bales

In this full colour, fully updated new edition of the book Grand Designs described as "the essential guide to straw-bale building"; Barbara Jones uses her 20 years of experience in natural building methods to guide self-builders and architects through using straw as a sustainable material for a diverse range of comfortable and environmentally friendly buildings.

Paperback    £29.99

9780857842282 | Published: May 2015 | Green Books

Hardback    £39.99

9780857842275 | Published: May 2015 | Green Books

How to create a New Vegetable Garden

A practical book to take you through the stages of creating a new vegetable garden from scratch - using any plot of land. Filled with useful advice and and guidance, it will help you to realise the full potential of your garden.

Hardback    £19.99

9780857842442 | Published: February 2015 | Green Books

One Magic Square

You don’t have to have a huge garden to grow your own vegetables. Square-metre gardening is the exciting new way to start a productive vegetable garden in a low-maintenance and manageable way. This book takes you thought it step-by-step.

Hardback    £19.99

9780857842800 | Published: February 2015 | Green Books

Learning with Nature

A book of fun activities and games to get your children outdoors, to explore, have fun, make things and learn about nature and help them grow up happy and healthy. Suitable for groups of children aged between 3 and 16.

Paperback    £17.99

9780857842398 | Published: January 2015 | Green Books

Hardback    £25.99

9780857842381 | Published: January 2015 | Green Books

A Miscellany for Garden-Lovers

A beautiful gift book filled with charming illustrationgs, A Miscellany for Garden-Lovers will take you through the facts and folklore of gardening.

Hardback    £9.99

9780857842749 | Published: November 2014 | Green Books

No Destination

Written with a penetrating simplicity, No Destination is an exhilarating account of an extraordinary life.

Hardback    £17.99

9780857842619 | Published: November 2014 | Green Books

The Flower Farmer's Year

Hardback    £19.99

9780857842336 | Published: October 2014 | Green Books

The Hempcrete Book

The first UK book on building with hemp by people who make their living doing it; including background information, a practical instruction manual with full illustration, and discussion about the hemp building industry.

Paperback    £35.00

9780857841209 | Published: October 2014 | Green Books

Hardback    £50.00

9780857842244 | Published: October 2014 | Green Books

Gaia's Feasts

A stunning collection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes for committed vegetarians or people looking to expand their meat-free range. Each recipe gives family-sized quantities as well as scaled-up versions for groups as large as 50.

Paperback    £19.99

9780857840523 | Published: September 2014 | Green Books

Gardening Myths and Misconceptions

A look behind the apparent complexities of gardening advice, to find easier and more productive ways of gardening; growing vegetables in particular. Understanding that can save time, money and unnecessary effort.

Hardback    £9.99

9780857842046 | Published: March 2014 | Green Books

Beyond Flying

Fourteen authors from around the world share their stories about how they came to the conclusion that reducing their air travel was necessary to avoid playing their part in climate change.

Paperback    £9.99

9780857842091 | Published: March 2014 | Green Books