The New Food Garden

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Published: September 2011 | Green Man

Slow Food Dictionary to Italian Regional Cooking

The handy and practical Slow Food Dictionary of Regional Italian Cooking by the editors at Slow Food International tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Italian regional cooking as prepared in homes, osterias and restaurants.

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9788884992406 | Published: September 2011

Published: September 2011 | Slow Food Editore

Your Money

A simple A-Z guide packed with tips for saving money on everything from credit cards to car boot sales and toys to travel - whether it is managing your mortgage or your mobile phone, finding freebies or creating different ways of having fun which cost pence rather than pounds.

Making the most of your Glorious Glut

Making the most of your Glorious Glut will help you to make the most of any over-abundance of fruit and vegetables. It contains over 250 recipes for using fresh produce in new and exciting ways, and also explains how to pickle, preserve, dry, bottle or juice your surplus fruit and vegetables so they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Published: July 2011 | Green Books

Alias Papa

A sympathetic biography of the author of "Small is Beautiful" and pioneering environmentalist, by his eldest daughter Barbara Wood, and with a foreword by Robert McCrum.

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Published: June 2011 | Green Books

How to Grow Your Food

With advice for the new gardener, covering everything from how to plant seeds, when to pull up the carrot and how to harvest potatoes, this book will sort you out - whether you have a balcony, bare concrete, a patio or a larger patch of ground.

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Published: May 2011 | Green Books

Wild Law

Wild Law fuses politics, legal theory, quantum physics and ancient wisdom into a fascinating story. It has been seminal in informing and inspiring the global movement to recognise rights for Nature.

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Published: May 2011 | Green Books

Fourteen Songs by Rabindranath Tagore

In the text that accompanies these fourteen songs, Arthur Geddes discusses the life and work of Tagore, the sources from which the poet took his inspiration, and the translator’s own efforts in trying not only to faithfully translate Tagore’s words but to convey the imagery, rhythms and verse forms of the originals.

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Published: May 2011 | Resurgence Books

How to Grow Winter Vegetables

It is possible to enjoy an abundance of vegetables at the darkest time of year. All you need to plan carefully is in this lovely book.

It is possible to enjoy an abundance of vegetables at the darkest time of year. All you need to plan carefully is in this lovely book.

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Published: April 2011 | Green Books

A Taste of Tagore

A Taste of Tagore enables some of the magical poetry, elegant prose and meaningful prayers of Rabindranath Tagore, India’s first Nobel Laureate, to be used as contemplations in our daily lives. 

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Published: April 2011 | Green Books

Smart Growth

Shows how urban sprawl is unsustainable in an age of climate change and peak oil, and challenges the UK to develop a ‘Smart Growth’ approach to improve the quality of life in our overcrowded island.

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Published: February 2011 | Green Books

Community Orchards Handbook

Shows groups and individuals how to start their own community orchard, from getting support, tackling legal issues and access to organising working parties and selling produce

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Published: February 2011 | Green Books

Economics Unmasked

Economics Unmasked presents a cogent critique of the dominant economic system, showing that the theoretical constructions of mainstream economics work mainly to bring about injustice.

This book outlines the foundations of a new economics – where justice, human dignity, compassion and reverence for life are the guiding values.

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Published: February 2011 | Green Books


This book provides an insight into the current state of the work of Peace Research Village Tamera in Portugal, in the fields of permaculture and water landscaping, solar technology and peace education.

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Published: January 2011 | Verlag Meiga

A Solar Buyer's Guide for the Home and Office

Explains all the different solar options to enable property owners to make the right choices for both their energy needs and their financial security.

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Published: January 2011 | Chelsea Green Publishing