Gaian Democracies

This book describes the operational and ideological components of the Global Monetocracy and a very different moral, ecological and ‘soft-systems’ approach through which a global network of Gaian Democracies could achieve very different aims.

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998281 | Published: March 2003 | Green Books

Go M.A.D! Go Make a Difference!

If you care about the environment and aren't sure how to make a positive difference, look no further. Go MAD! is full of fascinating facts, thought-provoking statistics and 365 pratical tips to help YOU Make A Difference.

Paperback    £3.99

9780954136307 | Published: December 2001 | Think Publishing

The Gendered Atom

Explores the uncharted depths of the scientific soul. There, beneath the scientistås rational, purportedly objective surface, Roszak finds a maelstrom of repressed sexual biases and gender stereotypes.

Paperback    £8.95

9781870098915 | Published: October 2000 | Green Books