The English Meadow

An evocative celebration of our rich meadow heritage and countryside traditions

Hardback    £12.95

9781903998670 | Published: January 2005 | Green Books

The Ecology of Health

In this Briefing Robin Stott proposes solutions to the key problems that beset our present health system. He argues that if we are to develop a true public health service rather than a 'disease service', we must make radical changes to the decision-making processes.

Paperback    £5.00

9781870098809 | Published: February 2000 | Green Books

The Ecology of Money

In this Schumacher Briefing, Richard Douthwaite argues that just as different insects and animals have different effects on human society and the natural world, money has different effects according to its origins and purposes.

Paperback    £7.00

9781870098816 | Published: February 2000 | Green Books

This is the story of how one man used local resources, ingenuity, imagination, and patience to create a homestead powered by the sun.

Paperback    £17.95

9780964511170 | Published: January 1995 | Fowler Enterprises