Timeless Beauty

John Lane calls us to awaken to the possibilities of a culture that recognizes the importance of beauty, and to acknowledge that we are only fully human in contact with the beautiful.

Paperback    £9.95

9781903998335 | Published: October 2003 | Green Books

Working with the Curlew

Working with the Curlew is an intimate and evocative account of an era before factory farming, when farmers worked closely with nature and the rhythm of the seasons, a smallholding could sustain a family, and there were enough small farms for a shepherd to climb the ladder to ownership.

Paperback    £7.95

9781903998342 | Published: October 2003 | Green Books

Go M.A.D! Go Make a Difference: 2

If you care about the environment and aren't sure how to make a positive difference, look no further. Go MAD! 2 is full of fascinating facts, thought-provoking statistics and over 500 practical tips to help YOU Make A Difference.

Paperback    £6.99

9780954136321 | Published: June 2003 | Think Publishing

No Man's Land

This book tells the story of George Monbiotås journeys among some of the tribal peoples of East Africa, showing how they are confronting the forces which threaten to deprive both them and us of the life that civilization has tried to suppress.

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998267 | Published: May 2003 | Green Books

Poisoned Arrows

At great personal risk and with forged travel documents, George Monbiot bluffed, cheated and forced his way into the remotest tropical place in the world Ñ the forbidden territories of Irian Jaya, Indonesia Ñ home to tribes who are now, along with their forest land, being systematically obliterated.

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998274 | Published: May 2003 | Green Books

Wild Flowers

This full-colour guide is designed to make wildflower identification as easy as possible for the walker or rambler. The flowers are categorised in eight sections, according to the one or more habitats in which they are found.

Paperback    £7.95

9781903998205 | Published: April 2003 | Green Books

Gaian Democracies

This book describes the operational and ideological components of the Global Monetocracy and a very different moral, ecological and ‘soft-systems’ approach through which a global network of Gaian Democracies could achieve very different aims.

Paperback    £12.95

9781903998281 | Published: March 2003 | Green Books

Composting for All

Composting your waste will help to produce healthy plants of all shapes and sizes, besides helping the planet. Why resort to shop-based composts usually made from peat? Leave the peat in the peatbogs where itås supposed to be, and divert all the lovely compostable material away from landfill sites!

Paperback    £1.95

9781903998236 | Published: January 2003 | Green Books

The Story of My Heart

ãNot an autobiography in the ordinary sense of the word, as it contains no history of the events of Richard Jefferieså life . . . but is an outpouring of Jefferieså innermost soul.à¥from the Preface by C. J. Longman

Paperback    £13.99

9781903998199 | Published: October 2002 | Green Books

Bioregional Solutions

Shows how we can meet more of our material needs from local renewable and waste resources. Outlines the theoretical framework of bioregional development and the award winning practical solutions that BioRegional have developed with industry partners.

Paperback    £7.00

9781903998076 | Published: July 2002 | Green Books

You are Therefore I am

This book traces the spiritual journey of Satish Kumar—child monk, peace pilgrim, ecological activist and educator. In it he traces the sources of inspiration which formed his understanding of the world as a network of multiple and diverse relationships.

Paperback    £10.95

9781903998182 | Published: January 2002 | Green Books

Go M.A.D! Go Make a Difference!

If you care about the environment and aren't sure how to make a positive difference, look no further. Go MAD! is full of fascinating facts, thought-provoking statistics and 365 pratical tips to help YOU Make A Difference.

Paperback    £3.99

9780954136307 | Published: December 2001 | Think Publishing

The Roots of Health

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has a central part to play in the future of health care, in the maintaining and creating health.

Paperback    £5.00

9781903998052 | Published: October 2001 | Green Books

Trees, Rivers and Fields

These three anthologies celebrating our natural environment are now available as a boxed set. The many poets featured include Blake, Tennyson and Wordsworth, as well as 20th century poets such as Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, Denise Levertov, Andrew Motion and Sylvia Plath.

Hardback    £25.00

9781903998014 | Published: October 2001 | Green Books

Where Division Ends

In his book of essays, Maurice Ash unpicks the fallacy of fragmented and compartmentalized knowledge. Although each essay stands alone, the underlying theme is to unequivocally expose the inherent falsehood of Cartesian dualism.

Paperback    £7.95

9781903998069 | Published: October 2001 | Green Books