How to Grow Winter Vegetables

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322881 | Published: April 2011 | Green Books


This book provides an insight into the current state of the work of Peace Research Village Tamera in Portugal, in the fields of permaculture and water landscaping, solar technology and peace education.

Paperback    £18.95

9783927266278 | Published: January 2011 | Verlag Meiga


This series of drawings by long-standing Resurgence artist Truda Lane evokes the magic of natural landscapes and of our inner worlds. 

Paperback    £10.00

9781900322959 | Published: November 2010 | Resurgence Books

Living Above the Store

Provides a roadmap for creating sustainable businesses that strive to restore the communities and environments in which they operate.

Hardback    £22.50

9781603582537 | Published: September 2010 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Local Money

An inspiring yet practical new book, Local Money helps you understand what money is and what makes good and bad money. It draws on the considerable track record of experimentation with local money around the world and gives ideas to those in the Transition movement and beyond about what has been tried, what works, and what to avoid.

Paperback    £14.95

9781900322522 | Published: June 2010 | Transition Books

How to Store Your Garden Produce

The modern guide to storing and preserving your garden produce, enabling you to eat home-grown goodness all year round.

Paperback    £7.95

9781900322171 | Published: March 2008 | Green Books

Through the Eye of the Storm

Witness accounts of surviving Hurricane Katrina

Paperback    £11.95

9781933392189 | Published: January 2007 | Chelsea Green Publishing

Building with Cob

Building with Cob shows how to apply this ancient technique in a wide variety of contemporary situations, covering everything from design and siting, mixing, building walls, fireplaces, ovens and floors, lime and other natural finishes, and gaining planning permission and building regulation approval.

Paperback    £24.99

9781903998724 | Published: February 2006 | Green Books