Images of Earth and Spirit
A "Resurgence" Art Anthology

Edited by John Lane and Satish Kumar

Images of Earth and Spirit
Hardback, 192 pages £19.99
Published: 23rd October 2003
ISBN: 9781903998298
Format: 290mm x 215mm


Series: Resurgence Anthologies

‘Images of Earth &?Spirit’ features the work of over fifty artists: over 140 sumptuous illustrations accompanied by interviews and insights into their work. Artists featured include Robin Baring, Cecil Collins, Alan Davie, Morris Graves, Andy Goldsworthy, Andrzej Jackowski, Richard Long, John Meirion Morris, David Nash, Margaret Neve, Peter Randall-Page, Haku Shah, Jane Siegle, Evelyn Williams and Christopher Wood. All the artists have been featured in the pages of Resurgence magazine, an international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking. Besides challenging much of the conventional wisdom of our times (including the dream of unending material progress), Resurgence stresses the wisdom of beauty and, above all else, the holistic view – the relevance of interconnectedness. The work of these artists speaks of a new sense of the universe, a new sense of spirituality, holism and interconnectedness, openness and non-determinism. It gives hope for the renewal of life in the future.

Resurgence has been a longtime friend to artists looking to forge a meaningful relationship between art and soul. Readers who treasure this rich and varied artistic lineage may now enjoy its startlingly sensuous images within the pages of a single, elegantly designed book - Suzi Gablik, author of ‘The Re-enchantment of Art’ and ‘Living the Magical Life

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is an internationally renowned speaker on ecological and spiritual issues. He lives in England and is Editor-in-chief at Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, co-founder of Schumacher College and founder of the Schumacher Society UK.

John Lane

John Lane (1930 - 2012) was a painter, writer and educationalist. He was Chairman of the Dartington Hall Trust, founding direct of the Beaford Arts centre and instrumental in the creation of Schumacher College. His books include The Living Tree: Art and the Sacred, Timeless Simplicity: Creative Living in a Consumer Society, Timeless Beauty in the Arts and Everyday Life and The Spirit of Silence: Making Space for Creativity. He lived in Devon for over 40 years.

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 192 pages
ISBN: 9781903998298
Format: 290mm x 215mm
147 colour illustrations

BISAC Code:  ART000000, ART015100
Imprint: Green Books

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