Go M.A.D! Go Make a Difference: 2
Over 500 daily ways to save the planet!

Compiled by Annabel Short Edited by Jo Bourne and Emma Jones Illustrated by Thomas Boivin Designed by Lou Tait

Go M.A.D! Go Make a Difference: 2
Paperback, 272 pages £6.99
Published: 1st June 2003
ISBN: 9780954136321
Format: 178mm x 110mm

Go MAD! 2 is primarily a guide to ecological living. But it is also a guide to ecological renewal, with vital information on how we can all get involved in pushing for change at the policy level. Combined, this process is irresistible.

The tips in Go MAD! 2 have been compiled and updated using information from over 300 leading environmental sources and organisations, from global charities to individual suppliers of environmentally friendly products.

The 14 chapters cover all aspects of life - from birth to death via shopping, holidays, DIY and petcare - for there is nothing we do as human beings that doesn't touch the wider world.

Each tip highlights a small, practical, positive way that can help you make a difference to the world around you. They fall into three types: things you can do in order to make a difference, things you shouldn't do in order to make a difference and ways for you to make a difference by joining or helping an organisation and getting more involved. Websites and telephone numbers are given wherever possible so you can find out more, and there are full contact details in the directory at the back of the book.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 9780954136321
Format: 178mm x 110mm

BISAC Code:  HOM005000, JNF037020, NAT011000
Imprint: Think Publishing

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